Thursday, March 8, 2012


Courage. That word really does sum up a lot eh? It can be used in so many different contexts and can be BOLD or mild.. can me tough, or soft... For me Courage intertwines with being an amazing parent. It takes COURAGE to be a good mommy, a patient mommy, a fun mommy, a strict yet loving mommy.
As you are well aware I have a mini me who is just 4.5 years old. And as much as we have fun, and experience new things together we have our battles.. our struggles as mother and daughter who don't always see eye-to-eye on a few things.

Takes me back to my wonder years battling it out with my mom. who then I thought was the wicked witch of the North,South, East AND West.. (sorry mom) but have now come full circle to realize that, not only was she just trying to be a pain in my ass, but my mom was only protecting me, guiding me, instilling values that I pull from now and integrity that I'm trying to plant in my two gems today.

As I sit here on a quiet morning having just sent my little girl into the world (preschool) I find myself constantly catching myself praying over her, hoping I have done a good job in these few years to guide and mold her to be a whole heart little girl in this world, full of so much garbage.

2 mornings a week for 3 hours she is on her own. She says what she wants without being corrected, she is a total free spirit and has complete freedom to be her own person without me peaking over her shoulder. I struggle knowing that I haven't been given enough time, enough hours to make her into who I want her to be, but at the same time try to sit back and say that she has to do this on her own.. But 4 years old??? she is just a baby! I was just holding her swaddled in the few blankets that we had, I was just up at 3am nursing her and singing her to sleep, I was just teaching her how to go down a slide, to put her shoes on the right feet, to drink out of a 'big girl cup', giving her treats for a job well done on the potty.. Where did the time go??? why is she slipping away from me?

in 6 short months she will be going to Kindergarten.. starting her first few years of SCHOOL. I thank God everyday for the opportunity we have been given for me to stay home full time and watch my girls grow, take their first steps, say their first words.. and now I find myself really struggling knowing that she is going to be spending more time with a stranger then nestled under the wing of her mama. Am I weird? is this normal? As I was going through all her baby stuff (having a I came across the letter I wrote to Reese when I found out I was having a girl... Here is what it says.

"Dear Baby Girl,
Hello there, I'm your Mama... wow that sounds weird..I'm only 20. and you have already turned my world upside down(for the better) I cant say you were a mistake, because I would never ever want to burden your little heart that way.. Besides you are so helpless right now, Me and your daddy are all you got to make it in this world. Just because we don't have a house, or a lot of money doesn't mean we aren't going to try so hard to make this the best life for you, to Love you unconditionally, to sing to you, bathe you & teach you.. Its a bit overwhelming only being 20 and pregnant. But your going to do amazing things..and I can't wait to share the possibilities with you

I met your daddy when I was 12. He's great, and he sure does love you a lot already... he sings to you! Do you hear him? he plays guitar for you everyday.. I think you like it because you don't stop dancing each time he plays.. maybe you'll be a musician? or a dancer?

I find out you were a girl a few days ago, I'm so excited to hold you, and kiss you and for you to call me mommy..
We're going to make it little one.. just one day at a time.
Love you forever, xoxo
Mama "

the day you came home from the hospital we stayed at my parents house.

just hours old.. you were such a perfect little newborn.

Now each time I read this I bawl.. that time in my life was so difficult, yet exciting.. stressful yet calm at the same time. Reese brought such a different dynamic to our life and to everyone around us. She brought people closer and made me grow up. There are so many things I want to say to her that her little mind just doesn't understand right now.. but one day I will, but until then I wrote her another letter today to staple behind the letter I wrote 5 years ago.

"Dear Reese,
your 4.5 already and so amazing. You teach me new things everyday, mostly how to be a little bit more patient because you are somewhat difficult on days, but more, you teach me to open my heart a little bit wider, to try new things and not to be afraid. Do you know I just played hockey this weekend for the first time? and you were my inspiration.. jumping in with two feet and seeing how we make out is how you roll. You have the most compassionate heart when it comes to younger children, or animals.. you always want to help fix the hurt and mend the broken. I'd like to say you get that from me.. but you are so much better at it!
We moved across the country this year.. Daddy got a new job in Saskatchewan and we packed up almost a year ago.. There wasn't a single day I was so happy to have you and your little sister to talk to, to cuddle.. you made this transition so much easier.. you were so eager to meet new people and try new things. All of my friends here are because of you! Your bubbly personality made it so much easier to strike up a conversation with a fellow mommy.
I pray for you everyday. and every night. Your heart is so pure, even though you tend to get yourself in trouble on most days... but we're working on it ;)

I want you to know how much I cherish you and love you and have enjoyed stepping into parent hood as your mommy.
I pray as you enter these next few years of school that you continue to hold your head up high with integrity, to continue to stand up for the weak and be there for that kid who hasn't made any friends yet.. you are so good at being friends with everyone.
There's not a second that passes that doesn't make me so proud to be your mom. I love you my girl.. Forever. xoxo 


me and my girl

our first SK winter. you braved it so well ;)

So as I wrap up this, I started off talking about courage. And from the moment I found out I was having Reese until now, not a day has gone by that I haven't relied on having courage to face each new day as a Mom.. and as a best friend to these two girls I brought into this world. and I encourage you to take from this that its not roses and lollipops being a mom, far from it. But with COURAGE, DEDICATION, COMPASSION, PATIENCE (the list could go on) do your best.. love your kids, kiss your kids, hug your kids... pray for your kids, you will learn as much from them as they will from you.

“Perhaps it takes courage to raise children..” -John Steinbeck, "East of Eden"

xoxo Kait 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outdoor Madness!

Well its been a fantastic couple of weeks.. I have started writing this post..probably about 3 times! But we have been so busy doing fun things that I never got a minuet to finish one post, then something else would come up!!
So The night I said "Ill write each week, I promise!" well... I TRIED! here we are two weeks later already, my oh my time flies when your having fun! or so tired that you collapse on your bed each night praying daylight stays away just a wee bit longer..but alas HERE I AM, and im FINISHING THIS POST! TONIGHT!!!

The night I left off with you last I hurried along and tided up my house to get ready for another Monday when I got a phone call from my husband asking me to fix him a snack.. you know the usual call I get on most night shifts, anywhere between 9-11pm (but the amazing wife I am.. there is always a snack waiting for him on the counter whether or not I am sleeping or awake) He continued to ask me how I was, how my night was.. how the girls went to bed.. then "Oh yah.. I rolled my truck tonight.." .. pause.. deep breath on my end of the line.." YOU WHAT??..How on on this green earth do you FORGET to mention that??" Well Im fine, truck's not.. but Im fine..
Getting those phone calls reminds me of how blessed I am to have a healthy husband that comes home every shift change whether or not its on time or not... he's home..
Last week was quiet as we were all getting over the cold that has been vamping through our tiny little town knocking us all down hard and fast.. we had alot of movie days that turned into movie nights.. with the end of the week feeling better.. we dug into the finger paints, and made some homemade Bird feeders.. and decorated for valentines day :)

They really are the best of friends.. melts my heart when I catch them cuddled together.

 Bird Seed. Peanut Butter. Toilet Paper Rolls and LET THEM GO :) This was a huge hit.. time friendly.. a little messy... but what isn't messy with 2 and 4 year olds!
 Spread the PB - and Roll in bird seed :)

You can never go wrong with cutting up dollar store sponges.. giving a pile of paint and paper to toddlers and let their imagination do the rest :)
After each time she put her hands in the paint.. "I dirty mom!"

 Last week was great :) Took it Easy, and got Crafty :)

Another great thing that happened this week is that my mom booked tickets to come see is in April!! Pretty stoked to see my mommy again :) 6 weeks and counting!!

So This week is "Family Day" in Saskatchewan.. something we do not do..BUT SHOULD, in New Brunswick.. so because Daddy has to work on the holiday we thought we would take Family Day and turn it into Family WEEKEND! Justin had from Thursday-Sunday off and we made every second of it count, its rare we get to see him for that long! Thursday we got up bright and early and headed into the City for a day of fun! We headed straight to the Shaw Center for some swim time! and of course my little water bugs lovvvved this idea! I don't have any pictures because I locked my camera in the darn lockers before realizing it and we only had one token :( BOO! But I can assure you the girls had a blast, and for a decent price we will be back visiting again soon! We then headed to Fuddruckers for supper! BEST BURGER EVVVVVVER!!!!!! Im not a Burger person, but this burger was like to.die.for :)

The girls were pretty beat after a few hours in a pool and eating the biggest and best-est hotdogs ever! (they aren't hamburger kids) So we hit the road for the 2 hour drive home.. Oh wait...wait wait wait.. No.. We went to Canadian Tire where my husband walked away in search for new windshield wipers LOCKED the door and went inside.. when I went to open my door to put stuff in the trunk (not thinking) not only did the Horn start going off uncontrollably and me not being able to shut it off.. but I had to sit in the front seat trying not to make eye contact with people who were walking by stareing at me like I was some sort of crazy person! 20 minuets later... he returned! "Who locks the car when we are all still in it !!!" he laughed... a lot.

Friday we had a family day at home.. made crafts, cleaned garages, cleaned basements.. you know regular family day stuff! Saturday I hosted my first ever "home party" where all of 4 people showed up.. BUT we had fun, chatted, drank coffee and ate delicious dips! I don't LOVE parties but I do love this stuff and am on the fence of becoming a Consultant <-- Check it out!
Saturday night we headed over to our lovely neighbors.. ate supper, played cards and let our children run wild until 11pm.. we always hope they will crash and they never do.. when we realized that they were a little TOO quiet we realized the two older ones had opened the freezer, pulled out a box of popsicles and we don't know exactly what happened but between two 4 year olds, one 3 year old and two 2 year olds 18 popsicles were missing.... Yup - Time to go HOME!

 10:30am this morning we geared up with our neighbors again (we love them! lol) headed to Chitek Lake for a day of Ice fishing, sliding and fun outside in the beautiful temperatures!
 Drilling holes for the shack! although it was so beautiful out we spent most of our time outside soaking up some sun rays!
 The girls so eager to get in and fish.. although that wore off pretty quick..
 Reesie Girl fishing.. with no luck :( But she tried!
 After the girls were getting a bit ansy we decided to haul out the GT's and take them for a spin!! Down a pretty decent hill
 As you can see.. poor Norah had a bit of a crash!

 WE CAUGHT A FISH! :) Girls were pretty excited at the catch for the day!
 Guess we'll be cooking Fish for lunch tomorrow :)
 Reese and the Fish!
The boys are pretty proud of their catch!

We are enjoying our winter here in SK... not nearly as bad as we thought ;)
Catch ya next week!!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Falling behind...

I guess my life is on high speed and I have fallen so behind -Yet again! I really need to start back up with my weekly blog posts! so you as my viewers PLEASE encourage me to write more.. !
January oh how I loath January, mainly because another year has wrapped up, my girls are one more year older, IM one year older, our life is zipping past and I feel, although this was a crazy year, that Im not taking each breath to its fullest, Im not stopping to smell the flowers, Im always in a hurry. So - This year as my wonderful husband and I have both decided to take our Health as priority, and to just slow down.. appreciate all God has give us and breath it all in. 

Christmas Morning 2011!
We missed to post anything in December, So I will catch you all up a bit. Norah got her first hair cut, much to mommy's dismay as I always wanted to have my little girls to have long beautiful hair. But Norah just hates when I touch it, or even come close with a brush! but it suits her so well :)
 Reese laced up her skates for the very first time and did AMAZING! I am soooo proud of her hard work and dedication she never gave up! way to go Reesie mommy loves you so much !:)

Daddy worked a lot but then we got to enjoy him for 10 whole days at the end of December, Christmas came and went - J finished off his last shift on the 28th and we all (including J's Parents) packed into the minivan and jetted off to Edmonton for a mini get-away. Got to enjoy the West Edmonton mall and all its glory & the giant indoor theme park with the girls! although the trip was short and sweet the drive back was not so much fun 20 minuets into the haul back Reese had a little mishap with her stomach not agreeing to settle, and making a mess all over herself, and a van full of people having to endure the smell for the rest of the journey home. Pushing that aside we had a great get away! Coming home to enjoy daddy watching play hockey for the Timberwolves here in Spiritwood! Go Daddy GO!


those were the biggest suckers possible. of course they picked those out for a treat!

This is what I needed for January!

January, like stated above - we wanted to slow down and take in the world and I TOTALLY did so.. so much that I think I got myself into a bit of a rutt! we didn't do ANY-T-H-I-N-G, and we all got sick with the flu, which slowed us down even more- yuck. We stayed put for so long Norah really got the hang of potty training! yay! We had a few gatherings at our humble abode - We hosted my lovely in-laws for a week over new years. It was so nice to have family here, big beautiful suppers with more then just the 4 of us, lots of laughter and noise through out the walls of our home, something that just makes my heart sing.. and along with my early mornings I always had company to sip my coffee with! These times are truly treasured so COME ON PEOPLE, COME VISIT US! Saskatchewan really is a beautiful place! and luckily for them they didn't have to enjoy our below 50 temperatures! Thanks for coming guys.. it truly is a blessing to have family travel this far just for us!Papa's Girl! Treasured moments for sure <3

Christmas/New Years dinner :)
Happy New Year Everyone :)!!
We also celebrated Daddio's birthday while Nana and Papa were here, and then again with our Spiritwood family - sorry not many pictures as I was running around, as I do, when Im in hostess with the mostess mode! We truly have been blessed with a great group of people who love us very much and strive to make us as comfortable as here as can be!

 And just like that,all of a sudden, hello February you came so fast? look at that! January my most loathed, detested, gloomy month is GONE! Onto LOVE month. So far so good!

We have sadly had to say goodbye to our Keeonah.. with little to no success of trying to keep her in our yard.. the town rules - she's got to go. breaking it to each girl was very different.. because Norah isn't quite realizing what is happening she just played along to Reese's emotions which were more then dramatic, after about 3 days of asking for Keeonah and running to her room to sob on her bed, countless times of explain to her that its just in Keeonahs nature to run and she wasn't happy here, she finally came around to letting her go. We still have our lazy pup Phoenix who is as happy as can be to just lay in the sun on the patio. Keeonah is off to a Farm about an hour away where she will have endless amounts of acres to run and be free and a nice loving family to come home to at night.
Saying goodbye to her will be harder then I think as she is our piece of home.. but its just not right to have her penned in our yard and not have enough time for her with raising a young family. she has brought much joy (along with some not so much joy) to our family and kept us on our toes! we will miss the cuddles she so gladly offered to us each night. We know it is within her best intrest to have a farm and a young couple that can dedicate more hours then we could have possibly imagined.
We love you Keeonah with all of our hearts and will miss you fur baby. xoxo

Well thats a wrap to our family up until now! and I promise WEEKLY UPDATES :)
The Finlays

Monday, November 21, 2011

Poop on a morning from hell..

Hello all you fantastic blog readers - Before I begin to explain how absolutely ridiculous my monday morning was Im going to state - that..:::::: I love my life. I love my husband. I love my job. I love my kids. I love my dogs. I am thankful each and everyday at how absolutely wonderfully blessed I am to have a healthy living beautiful family each day to grow with:::::: ON that Note - I am going to walk you through my morning today and let me know if it gave you a laugh ;) it certainly did not for me... well until writing it down of course.

7AM - little feet down the hall, feel warm breath on my face and a little voice whisper -"hi mommy.." little eyes pearing at me as I take my big puffy comfy pillow and cover my head and say.. "please girls.. give me one more minuet..jump on daddy"...and they reply with "but he's not here." Suddenly my head pops up and look across the bed to realize NO! he's not here..  and this is what plays through my head "he's not home from work yet.. shift ends at 2am, which means something bad happened.... oh no Daddy will now be nonexistent  until whatever case he is dealing with passes... oh please don't be something bad, I hope nobody died? maybe its just a car accident.. maybe he's just catching up on files at the office.. yah thats defiantly what he's doing, tomorrow day off doesn't want to be behind.. no come on, get serious Kait.. its -33 out there he's not just AT WORK. something happened.. PHONE!" So I run down the hall to dial the his number, he answers - "HI?..where are you? are you okay?" "Yah, Im fine.. might be a while yet..but I gotta go..I love you" "oh...okay" *click*
So as much as I hate hearing him saying things like that the I love you at the end is always the best part..
So I brush my tail feathers off and have and go to start my coffee-
7:15AM - walk over to my coffee maker located by my kitchen window and not only was it chilly I literally FEEL wind on my face..I shutter at how flippin cold I am in my own freakin house.. push start on my coffee maker.. doesn't work. push it again..doesn't work...3rd time's a charm push it again.. look - it's not plugged in.. we're on a roll!

7:30AM - Reese: "Mommy, Im STARVING..I need to eat right now, right now mommy! MOmmy MOMMY MOMMY!!!!!"..... pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter... Keeonah&Phoenix are standing at my feet both starring at me saying in their heads "you know, if you don't take us outside right now to do our business, we're going to shit all over your house and chew your furniture, and maybe even jump on your bed with our dirty stinky paws and turn around in circles a million times until we get the perfect comfy position, so take me out right now...!!" I look at my girls.. then look back at my dogs, and seriously THEY WOULD! open the door a crack - HOLY BANANA'S it's cold out there.. put my layers on, boots, hats, mits, jacket, scarf -put keeonah on the leash - at that final second norah throw's herself on the floor in tears because she wants to come with mommy.."mommy will be right back I promise, Im so sorry" meanwhile the phone rings - It's Justin HOORAY! "Ill be home in about an hour leaving right now..just need to do a few things at the office once I get back first" *insert mini happy dance*
stand outside trying to hook Keeonah onto the outside leash so she can go 'pee in peace' cause like a lady, refuses to do her business with someone watching HOW DARE WE! but of course it's FLIPPING FROZEN cause, clearly the temperatures are below Antarctica out there! so I have to run back in forth in my backyard with my PJ's at 7:30am to get her worked up enough that she HAS to poop! Phoenix is long time done his business cause he could care less if you watch him and is howling to go inside cause it's freezing cold.. Keeonah's done.. back inside we go - my nose hairs are at the moment all frozen together and I swear, if I pee'd my pants I probably would have pee'd frozen Pee! (the reason WHY I have to take them out on a leash is because our FENCE IS NOT DONE BECAUSE MY HUSBAND IS ALWAYS WORKKKKKKKING!)

7:55AM- feed my kids dry toast with peanut butter and cut up strawberries that NEED to be eaten today or else my dogs won't even eat them.. yup mother of the year today! sit down and drink my coffee, so exhausted that the smell of it gives me a high not even a 20 year drug addict could appreciate.

8:45AM -sit down at my computer...mmm take a sip - skype with my girlfriend for a few moments before I hear Norah yell "POOOOOOP" AHH - go to see that not only did Phoenix JUST poop outside, he poop'd INSIDE as well.. and nope not on the floor but on the girls PILLOW! (this is where it get's REAL good) come back say bye to my skype friend, and then have to dispose of this poop on a pillow - good thing is I can just pick up the pillow and throw the poop outside and then bye bye pillow to the dump you go - by the way, I have yet to get dressed.. still in my PJ's

9:00AM - Pick up pillow... Open -30 air chilling door.. fold pillow slightly in half before tossing the poop off the deck into the snow covered grown - and Release Pillow, BIG GUST OF WIND - POOP SLINGSHOTS back from the wind and lands ONNNNN MYYYYY HOUSE!!!!!!!!! YUP that's right everyone, my blood pressure is rising just typing this, I flung hot steamy mushy poop off a pillow directly on the side of my house.."YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled as it echoed through the streets of spiritwood "OH MY GOSH!!!! AAAAHHHH!!" I run back inside to try and figure what the heck Im going to do with this POOP on my house.. I grab the BBQ Spatula (still in jammies with housecoat on) run back outside LEAN over the railing and try to scrape it off, but of course.. like the pee would have frozen 'if i pee'd myself' the poop FROZE to the side of the house "you've got to be shitting me...literally" I say out loud as Im leaning over scrapping this crap off my house and cursing all at once. I hear my kids crying cause their hungry, the dog yelping cause I just gave him a lickin' and me scraping POOP that is STILL to this second still frozen to the side of my house...
sorry if this gross's you out.. but I bet its better then scraping poop off the side of your HOUSE!

9:25AM- I barge back into the house run to the phone and dial.... my husband "hello?" me, "YOU NEED TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! - I Swear if you do not finish that fence I am going to pay someone $1000 to do it TODAY! I JUST HAD TO SCRAPE SHIT OFF THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE!!AND DON'T ASK WHY, JUST GET HOME NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" "ok im coming right now!"   *CLICK*

10:00AM- CRASH! BANG!! CRASH!!! crying.... - I run down the hall to see my girls have pushed Justin's hockey bag, then proceeded to put stool's on top of it so they could reach the wrapped Christmas gifts located on the TOP shelf in the hall closet.. "IM GOING TO LOOSE IT, YOU TWO BETTER GET DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!"

10:15AM - Justin walks in from work... all is well with the world!

Friday, November 11, 2011

5 months & 3 weeks..

iI've been DYING to write for weeks now, and hate how I never have time for it..I've been busier than an ant in a picnic basket lately but it seems like there just haven't been enough hours in the day to get everything done...and because I value my hours of sleep I get - or should I say, lack there of. If you asked me quick I don't think I would be able to tell you the day of the week.. let alone that it's already November  (Minus the fact that my husband has something strange growing under his nose, but that's besides the point!).. Its all been a blur, between busying my girls, taking puppies for walk, helping my hubby with countless-endless jobs around the house, being Betty Crocker in the kitchen to satisfy the bellies of my offspring and then simply just having alone time - but all at once.. time is ticking so slowly.
It's been 5 months, 3 weeks, and 5 hours since we took off on our adventure to the Prairies. and it's now hitting home. Mom and Dad's for dinner isn't just a drive away, the In-laws for Friday night Chinese food isn't as accessible.. Life is moving on and we are miles away.

I had the pleasure of hosting my Mommy for 2 whole entire glorious weeks back in October! She really is THE BEST. Not being here even 24 hours, she was already in her painting clothes creating beauty and comfort in my home, cooking up a storm in my kitchen and getting the little things for my girls and I didn't have to lift a finger.. - and then..... I fell off our deck, snapped some ligaments and tendons and the hubs had to rush me to the yah, Mom - you came at the perfect time.. No, it truly is amazing having your mommy come from across the country and you get to spend some good quality time, we got to hit up Edmonton both for the first time - HELLO WEST EDMONTON MALL!

This is where we spent our afternoon.. Best.Pool.EVER
 And We got to see a pretty wicked sealion show and Reese got a special Kiss ;)

If you've never visited the most amazing mall of all time.. you have to visit the most amazing mall of all time! and you will all be shocked to hear, although I was in the WEM for over 4 hours I did not shop in a single store! This was all about a girls trip with me, my mom and my girls.. worth every penny and enjoyed every moment! Memories that will never be erased.

I so enjoyed having you here mom, and miss you everyday - you have instilled amazing things into me as a mother, You and Dad always put God first, and made music important - getting messy was okay, and leaving the dishes until tomorrow because us kids wanted to play a game wasn't a crime. Thank you for continuing to be such an awesome mommy.. Love you, and Miss you xo

Being far from home is hard. But taking in this journey is a once in a life time. For the first time in 24 years I didn't have to set my clock back.. but what's even better is I don't have to set my clock AHEAD in 6 months time, yahoo! Nope - No Daylight savings in this province.. And although my mornings will probably start at 10AM and end at 4:30PM we will soak in this ride. Weather Temps are dropping.. Hub's is finishing up the last of the deck, and my daddio flys in on Monday night! Like I said we have kept busy..

This is probably one of the most boring posts Ive ever written - but its almost midnight here and I have been staring at a computer screen since 6pm editing photos! my brain is fried! Next post will be killer I swear ;)

Have a great weekend everybody :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Whats your Job?

"That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."
Titus 2:4-5

My Love, My Life, My Joy, My Protector, My Best friend..


My "job" is being a full time mother, a loving wife and home maker. Recently each time I meet a new person at the park, beach, or just in our backyard, one of the first things people ask me is "what do you do?" and I reply.. "Well..I have one of the most challenging jobs, underpaid, and most fulfilling..I am a Mom of two beautiful, energetic girls and wife to the most amazing husband and provider, What do you do?" I normally get a small pause and "Oh thats great.." or "I see.." or "Interesting..thats nice.." It dosen't seem to be the "norm" here to be a stay at home mom and raise your kids. I take great pride and Joy in this.. although... it is not easy
And since moving away from my main support of family and friends I have been having some heart to hearts with some women in my life about how I can be a better wife becuase this wife thing.. mother thing.. is not easy and I want to be the best.

First off - I DO have one of the most amazing men, that was hand picked for me, although I can be a bit nagging, and probably a downer at times. My strive is to be a better wife the BEST wife.. and I encourage my fellow wives in whatever you do may it be a full time stay at home mommy, working inside the home or working outside the home that you take my advice.. Make out a list of "WHY I LOVE MY HUSBAND" and post it beside your bathroom mirror, so you can see it each morning you wake.. and each night you go to sleep.. Being a wife is one of the hardest tasks.. it is not easy, but it is the most sacred thing, it takes work, energy, communication & Love. In our 4th year of marriage, and still deeply in love with the boy I laid eyes on when I was 12, is amazing. Knowing that I got to step into this wife thing early into my life has been a blessing and so amazing, but as a "spring chick" I want to work at being the best wife and having a fulfilling long marriage. A wise women (you know who you are) told me that marriage is like a Garden.. without work, weeding, watering and consent attention it will die quickly, and the easy way out is to plow it over and start fresh. Marriage is not easy, it is not something that can be swept under the rug, it is not a one way street.. and with love, communication, trust, honor and respect poured into it each day it will flourish and you will be proud to call it yours. I have recently had an out of body experience in my dream that I watched the way I was treating my husband, it was not with love and respect, it was not with honor and trust.. it was with nagging, and disappointment, it was with harsh snappy words, and bitterness. Something I am not proud of.. I did realize I have not been giving MYSELF what I need and that is me time, I have not given myself time each day to dig deep into how I want to be a better wife and mother..I have not given myself time to relax and rejuvenate myself and by the end of the day I am spent, I am resenting that my husband goes to work each day and is not helping me at home.. -well DUH! How else would we survive, of course he has to go to work!!!? So We as a TEAM are taking an overhaul as a couple and in our marriage.. We want to grow old together and continue on our family story, but without looking at each other and pouring into our marriage that would not happen. So here is my LIST, my list of how I value my husband, how I love my husband and how I am Proud to call him mine. 

He gave me these two blessings

  • He is my best friend.
  •  He has shown me my true self.
  •  He is a HOTTIE!!
  • He has the ability to overcome anything and rise above it, in his work and at home.
  •  I get to go to sleep in his arms every night.
  •  I get to wake up in his arms every morning.
  •  He is the world's best dad (next to mine of course)
  •  He respects himself.
  • He respects Me.
  •  He is a good listener.
  •  He loves me without even thinking about it.
  • There is no mountain too high for him to climb.
  •  He loves me without make-up.
  • He has a very forgiving heart.
  •  I can be myself when I am with him.
  • He never gives up on me.
  •  He is simply irresistible
  •  He has an awesome sense of humor!
  •  He can ALWAYS makes me laugh.
  • Every time he looks at me my heart skips a beat.
  •  He holds the key to my heart.
  •  I feel safe in his arms.
  •  He is the most intelligent man I have ever met.
  •  He IS my better half.
  •  He carries himself with a great deal of pride.
  •  He has reachable goals in life.
  •  I love that he isn’t perfect.
  • God created him just for me.
  •  His smile.
  •  I love the way he says my name.
  •  I love the look in his eyes when he says “I Love You”.
  •  I love laying my head on his bare chest and feeling his heart beat.
  •  I still get butterflies when he kisses me.
  •  I love the way he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight like there is no tomorrow
  • The way he stands beside me and not in front of me.
  •  Because he looks at me when he thinks I am not looking
  •  How he forgives me over and over when I do something wrong.
  •  He is not embarrassed to call me pet names in front of others.
  •  He isn’t ashamed to cry in front of me.
  •  How he makes me feel when I think I am nothing.
  • He inspires me.
  •  I love the way he tries to explain any kind of sport to me when I really don’t understand.
  •  He loves his family with a great deal of passion.
  •  He is a good driver.
  •  I love that he demands respect but isn’t controlling.
  •  I love how he wants to make up after a fight.
  •  When I am grumpy, he still loves me. 
  • I love knowing that if I died today….I will see you again in Heaven my darling, and my life was better because of loving you.

So this is to my husband, and to us wives.. Take Pride in Marriage, strive for the best.. And don't forget to have Date Nights ;)

With Love xoxo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full swing summer, weiner roasts, beaches & playdates

So we are now in full summer mode.. while most of our days are filled with crafts, hot dogs for lunches, days spent in the sun& at the beach, freezies and walks - doesn't quite take off our mind how much we miss home.. but Im not going to bore you with my longing heart for the maritime air! I WILL tell you how much we LOVE our new home town.
10 Reasons why I love Spiritwood

1- We own a house! -YAHOO... its about time ;)

2- When I go to the grocery store here (not so often because it would cost an arm and a leg) they bag my groceries, load them in a cart.. and bring them to my car and load them in my trunk.. how freakin' awesome is that!
3- Lovely neighbors that bring us supper without even blinking!
4- I can walk to the post office, drug store, home hardware... yup just about everywhere
5- we bought a $40.00 Regional Park pass that gets us into all the beaches all summer long :)
6- My husband loves his job, and is beaming at each end of shift
7-The sun shines from 4:00AM - 10:30PM
8-We have learned Saskatchewan lingo  -- like a hoody is a 'bunny hug' hehehe
9- Are surrounded by the most kind hearted people, and loving community
10- Wiener roasts with our neighbors

So we have now been in our house for 3 weeks now and with each day, we fall in love with another piece and it is concrete of why we bought this house! although we have many little projects that need to be started - we have decided to put most of them on hold and enjoy the summer and so we have!
We have met our neighboors and absoutly LOVE THEM (wink wink, Monique & Lane) they are a young couple just like us, who have just recently gotten engaged and are getting married next summer!
So last Friday night they invited other neigh boors and we all bunked around their camp fire pit and roasted some good ol' fashion wieners! - As we were all preparing our dogs to be roasted Justin mentioned Spider dogs! - and with not much of a sound they all peep'd up at once.. What is a Spider Dog?? "You don't know what a spider dog is???" so we quickly pulled the hot dogs out of the bags got a knife and showed them how it was done.
Please excuse Lane's roasting stick.. a little inappropriate haha
So we had a great night of laughs and getting to know each other over camp fire roast, and straw berry short cake for dessert.. all went home to put our kids to bed, the gathered back at the camp fire for some drinks and smores!

We have spent many days at the closest beach to Spiritwood - it is about a 20 minuet drive.. which is perfect, long enough for the girls to have little power naps before we hit the sand.. and then another power nap after the long day in the sun to hold them over until bed time.. Norah has become a little more out going this summer with the water - by the third time we made it to the beach she was jumping off the dock (into my arms of course) and having a blast.. Reese on the other hand who is my fish is loving all this water time.. and with her life jacket on she is keeping up with the 'big girls' meanwhile mommy gets to veg in the sand with a book in hand and the warm sun wrapping my body.

Beach Bum!!

Sand.. dirty hands.. sand.. dirty hands we run back and forth to the water to wash her hands off more times...

Giving me some 'Pie' from their creation of sand :) 
I love how my girls can be so creative and use their imaginations! We go on speals of different stories, and they use anything at hand to make up some fun for an afternoon - after all- we are to cheap to get TV... so you HAVE to use your imagination in our house :)

We usually end our days with a walk down to the path that runs along Spiritwood.. Keeonah's favorite place to go, as she knows she is going to be able to go off leash for a bit.. Here are a few pics of Keeonah soaking up every moment of 'freedom' hehe

 We truly did get an amazing post.. the land here is stunning..
 Keeonah has just been off leash - she is doing great with her training.. she gets a bit side tracked with birds... but always comes back, we love her!
She sees stuff in the grass and does this Hop into the tall grass



And the adventure continues....



“I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.” -Rosalia de Castro


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