Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life as a Single Mommy

Well its 12:50 am on a Sunday night.. or I should say Monday Morning!...
This is normally the time of day that I can just sit and re-live what has gone on that day.. whats about to take place the next day and just be in utter silence.
I returned home this past Tuesday from an amazing get away trip with Justin visiting the great.. FLAT Regina.. to come home to two healthy girls, who rapidly turned into two very sick girls.

on Wednesday BOTH girls woke up with sniffles, I thought nothing of it as they were both just coming off antibiotics with their "christmas sickness" I swear my kids get sick every year at Christmas.
Anyway... little did I know I was going to be in for late night ER trips, early morning doctor offices, more antibiotics , trying to get a one year old to take an inhaler at 3AM, and my 3 year old coughing up a lung every 15 minuets from 10pm-4am.... as I roll into the St.Josephs hospital Emergency Room I take my sick Reese out of the car, as she says "will you carry me mommy?", "of course my princess.." I take her in my arms trying to juggle my car keys, my green tea that is probably not so hot anymore, and her bag of books, who knows how long the wait will be... we hurry across the -10 parking lot and into the warm hospital doors, its a quite hospital at night and only few nurses and janitors are making noise, I put Reese down, because if I dont I would probably have slipped spilling my green tea all over the place..
I take Reese's hand and begin to adjust myself with all the "stuff" you bring with you to make sure your kids are happy.. and we walk down the hall to the E.R I gently tell Reese why we are here and what is going to happen "Reese, we're going to go down and see some doctors, they will probably want to listen to your heart, and look in your ears. are you ready for that?"
"sure mommy... " my sweet little girl replies with a little chuckle..
We slowly and quietly continue down the hall towards the office when we walk past a mid 50's man whos mopping the floor. Reese stops and looks up at the man and says "Are you the cleaning doctor?.." The old man looked so shocked that Reese stopped to talk to him, with his chin held high and his back straight he looked down at her with a twinkle in his eye and said "Why yes I am..!" she smirked and shot him the cutest little grin and said "well Im sick.." and continued on her merry little way...
The innoncence of a child is just priceless... We waited in the waiting room for about 45 minuets, Reese's temp continued to rise and she was put right through. after 2 hours of seeing 3 different doctors, cheast xrays and a little nap on Reese's end. Dr.Brown has told me my sweet little girl has double pnemonia and is being put BACK on another antibiotic... so now its Sunday, my girl is still coughign up a storm, but her twinkle is back...
my tops go to all single moms that have to do this every day.. and Dont have any help. I fortunatly can live with my parents and talk to my husband everyday...
so now its 1am.. and this is the time I sit patiently by the computer waiting for my love to call, talk to him for 10 minuets then whisk my body off to bed for hopefully a good nights rest, to get up and start all over again.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our beginning/Depot Doll

Well, as most of you know Justin and I are in the process of embarking on a royal adventure with our little family.
I am currently getting use to the "Single parent" life as Justin serves his time at Depot Division training for RCMP  in Regina, Saskatchewan. This has not been a experience I wish to continue. I will be very happy when the days and weeks are over and our family is complete.
I recently got to go out and visit him at Depot.. sans enfants! It was such an amazing trip but never REALLY knew how much I missed him until I dropped him off at those gates and watched him walk away again.. the feeling of pure nasuea came flooding back like the feeling I had the day we said goodbye.
We shared many laughs, and talked, drank wine, and ate yummy food... Life as we know it stood still and we just enjoyed each others company it was pure bliss in my eyes. Having your husband tell you how much he misses you and loves you is something that is irreplaceable! Can't wait to see him again in 4 months!
so now the countdown is on.. and I have to think and be creative to make the time pass quickly.
Soo blogging it is! - I will not blog everything my kids do and say because life is just to fast and well.. I obviously do not write things down which I promised myself I would so I wouldn't forget my children.. well... they are 3 and 1 and I have barely anything written down... BUT I will try my hardest to not avoid important and significant memories! Hope you all enjoy the ride we invite you all to be apart of our journey!

Many Blessings,

The Finlays