Wednesday, February 23, 2011

18 months.

Holy Cow! is all I can say, I still don't quite know how I got to this point in my life, mother of TWO! and my baby is 18 months old today...
on August 23rd 2009 we welcomed our newest addition!
What a joy she has brought to our lives and completed our family! Life has never been the same, but never better!!

 Norah LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat, there is nothing more that this girl can do better, or would rather be doing. I can't say I have ever had a hard time getting her to finish her supper.. I normally have to stop her from eating her sisters!

uh oh.....
 She has been our daintiest of the two, very shy and quite and very much a mommy's girl.. :)
 Reese fell in love with her baby sister as soon as she walked into the hospital, this is a few weeks post first meet, and still in love! what a great big sister she has!
What Finlay girl wouldn't be complete without a hockey stick in hand! before Daddy had his heart stolen by these two precious peanuts, daddy ate,slept,dreamed hockey! so its only fitting right?

My Precious Norah, I am so proud to be called your mommy. To watch you grow into your full of life spirit and guide you on your way to who you will become. I love you through and through yesterday, today and tomorrow too....xo mommy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a whole new me!

Often times I go on a "new me" rant... and those times are mostly when I feel like I haven't gotten out of sweat pants enough in one week. Or my hair has been in a pony-tail for more then a month... or looking at my closet feels as if Im looking at 1000 of the same piece of clothing because I have worn each article a thousand different ways, and I just feel un creative to RE-invent my clothes.
But as such a time as this.. little to no income, I have re-invented my wardrobe countless times, and I must say.. Im getting pretty darn good at it!
Today I felt like going on a 'new me' day so off to my wonderful friend Kristen's house, my beloved Friend, sister in Christ and HAIRDRESSER! - what oh what would I do without a friend who bleaches,colors,cuts & styles my hair for a wonderful price.. oh and a cup of tea! Where else can you bring your kids, let them run wild with each other and not feel bad, and come away looking fresh and refined ;) And Unlike most hair salons that will ring me up close to $100.00!!! - Thanks Kristen!

So this morning after dropping Reese off at Pre-school and bundeling up sweet Norah, it was off to Kristen's where the transformation was going to begin! I am trying to keep my length, as it has been YEARS that I have had long hair and I'm trying desperately to keep it going.. so I couldn't CUT my hair to short for a 'new me' change.. so today we went with BANGS! - the dreadful bangs that everyone hates themself for after they do it.. the bangs that go in of style, out of style, in of style and out of style..
But i needed that change, so today I got bangs......
gotta say - they look pretty darn cute ;)

  Reese and Mommy!
  Me and my girlies often times go on photo booth binges!
Norah and Mommy

honestly... what do you think?

And there they are people! my bangs...... Lets see how long I can keep them up for ;)
I use to be that crazy kid who would get a funky streak of Purple, or pink... but my frugal self won't let me do it anymore, as it was to much up keep!!
soooo what do you THINK?

Yeah? or Neah?

be honest...

We are off to run many errands today as its one of the last days before "THE BIG TAKE OFF" to get my kids together, countless amounts of laundry - I swear I do it, and the next day its to the roof again.
head to Cost-co to print beauty pictures of my darlings to give to daddy.. and complete a 'task list' before I begin to take that sigh of relief and sit on the plane to BLISS..BUT there is still about 48 hours or so,  I have packed and re-packed countless times--taken out things, put other things in, taken out something else and replaced what I originally took out. Right now, I'm waffling on bringing my comphy warm boots vs. stylish trendy boots.

The thing is, when you haven't seen your husband in over 8 weeks and you so desperately want to 'look da bomb' and you are also meeting the 30 other men he shares his life with and rants and raves about his wife to.. (thats right he rants and raves about me ;) you want to like damn good! -- but on the other hand.. its FREAKIN -40 now, and that is cooooooollllld.... you all know Ill probably bring both!  It doesn't help matters that my clothing consists of bulky sweaters, pants, socks, more sweaters and more warm socks ... did I mention warm sweaters and socks?
but all in all - nobody wants wet cold feet.... maybe Ill just pack an extra pair of socks!!!

less then 2 days to go! Write when I get back... !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Far away but close to heart..

I never really imagined what it would be like to actually be a ''single mom''... if some crazy situation put me into the place where I didn't have Justin, or my mother to take care of me..I honestly don't know what I would do.
Over the past two weeks my mom has been a whole world away in Burkina Faso, Africa, doing what she does best... being a faithful servant.
The stories that she has come home with have been amazing, hard to heart, but filled with Love.

Mom's home for the last 2 weeks
Mom traveled with M.M.I (Medical Missions International) on February 3 with two hockey size bags filled with prescriptions, needles, and everyday necessities. We take all of these kinds of things for granted here, and are gold mines there. MMI goes on Medical Missions several times through out the year but this mission was to bless the village of Burkina Faso as much as they could in the short two week period they were there.
Mom has been doing this now every fall for the past 3 or 4 years... I can't quite remember! she passed, on going this past fall because our life had erupted with chaos and we were in the middle of making a home away from home in her basement in time for Justin to ship out. She did decide to take the oppurtunity and go this Feb. Which brings me to why I am blogging today...
I have to say how greatful I am for my mom. She has been my biggest support through these past few months and my biggest fan when I have felt failed as a mother. She has gotten up with my kids to let me sleep, has taken them when I need a break, feeds us and keeps a dry, warm roof over our heads.
There are many times I just cry thinking that I am quite possibly going to be leaving her and starting on my journey as a full time real mom without her, Justin and I met here, grew up here, dated here, married here, had our children here... we have always had our parents behind us guiding us every step of the way if we ran into any issues. Starting our 'new' life means totally breaking away from where you feel comfortable and starting on new ground.. and ultimately.. it scares me just a bit
so no... I can't imagine what it would be like without my mom here, being alone. Taking care of my kids alone while Justin is thousand of miles away... so this post is to say Thank you to my mom. Thank you for being my rescuer when I need rescued. for being the best "Bamma" my two girls could have ever asked for, and for being a friend to me when ive needed it the most.
 I love you mom.

On the other note - we were VEERRRRRRRRRY Happy to see Bamma arrive back safe and sound! especially the girls :)
Reese sporting her new outfit straight from Africa! she was pretty proud :)

We welcomed her home warmly with lots of hugs and kisses! and the girls got cool gifts! dresses can't wait to wear them this summer :) Thanks Bamma!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

T- Minus 8 days 8 days you can run full circle of a week and begin again. in 8 days alot can change. in 8 days you can read a book. in 8 days you could fill your mind with many things, explore different scenes.. smell different scents.. but for me, in 8 days...................... I get to be reunited with my love.

When Justin and I began this season, on November 22nd 2010, at 11:45am at the Saint John Airport I gave him a kiss, a hug that I never wanted to end, and held onto his fingers that were intertwined with mine and slowly let go with his pinky being the last one to unlatch... and he walked through the gates... I can't explain the way my heart was feeling, the emotions that were riding through my body like wind through sails of a ship. My heart stood still for a split second not knowing when I would hear his voice again, or see his face... it was one of the worst feelings.
I stood there with tears streaming down my face, unable to make them stop - I told myself over and over "Snap out of it Kait, its just 6 months... your stronger then this.." But there's something about loosing that person you tell everything to, that person that makes you feel safe like noone else.
Reese,Norah and I stood at the window and watched him step onto the plane, and waited until we could no longer see but a tiny dot in the sky.
That was the day my life started as a single mommy.

At Christmas I was blessed by my brother with airmiles out to Regina to see Justin for 5 short days! it was such an amazing time to see him and feel his touch, and hear his voice... nothing like it. but those 5 days ended quickly and it was back to depot for him, and back to being a full time mommy for me. again saying goodbye to him was another unnerving feeling and an unknown feeling of when i was going to see him next...

God has demonstrated his mercy and abundant love for me over these last 12 weeks.. I have been introduced to some incredible ladies whom I could not have done this so smoothly without! We have all gotten to connect through a great site called "depot dolls" basically a chat group and support group for the wives standing on the sidelines to cheer on their depot cadets along the way! and just because we are not physically there training, doesn't mean its not as hard on us! ANYWHO - Long story short, there has been a handful of us who have connected and are all flying out next weekend to meet each other, and of course see our beloved hubbies!
This trip would not have been made possible if it weren't for one of these very special ladies who felt called to give me her airmiles to fly 2200 km away from home to see Justin. and my heart is forever greatful to Mrs. Kate Kading :) I can not express how much this means to me and to Justin to be able to reconnect and refuel for the last haul until graduation.
I am FOREVER grateful and can't wait to spend some time with Justin, and to give each and everyone of my precious depot wives a hug!

so in closing 8 days alot can happen... but for me, in 8 days I will be stepping on aircraft AC1116 at 5:35am to Regina Saskatchewan to fall in love again... can't wait!

its POTTY time!

its 6:45 am as I walk up the stairs and think what this day could hold--- there I have starring at me a giant room full of laundry... I can think in my head over and over what else I could possibly be doing that would get me away from doing the ever so dreaded laundry... but there is really nothing that could take me away or needed my attention at that present moment more then my poor poor laundry room.

Coffee perking..Children waking...Me staring the laundry basket in the face! Lets do this!
So I turn on some music start groovin' and begin the laundry!.... 8:10 - First load complete, as Im doing the 'switch' my kids have been fed, cleaned up and are playing out with their 'my little ponies' and im singing to myself... or outloud... very loud I should say - makes the time go faster ;)
I feel a little tug on my leg, I look down at my precious little bean with her big brown eyes starring at me, and with no words at all she makes a 'uhh' noise with her perfect little lips, holds up the toilet seat ring, and pulls at her diaper!!!!!
Im in shock - I had to beg Reese to potty train.. and now my 17 month old is ASKING to go on the potty... this must be a dream!
nope! it was very real.. with her big sister talking her through it ( SO CUTE may I add) we had a little tinkle on the potty!
Great job my precious Norah! mommy is so proud of you !

she was pretty proud herself!

Play tents, Ponies and visitors from afar..

Well today wasn't anything exciting but I am keeping to my word of putting up something about our day everyday to keep Daddy-o in the loop!
Most Wednesday mornings we are packed up and in the car to head to the gym by 9am as I volunteer in the daycare to get a free membership, because I am FAR to cheap to spend $50.00 A MONTH.
thats besides the point --
Last night was far from a "goodnight sleep" first off, I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning as I was so excited at finding out about a very cool site to help my blog look Mackin' Thank you Jessanna Jones! ... after going to bed shortly after 1am - where I swore to myself to go to bed early as I have been cranky mama bear all week... I failed.
2am - Norah coughing and restless
3:30 - Reese hacking up a lung and crying because her throat hurts
3:35- go upstaires to fumble around the kitchen to get a glass of water
3:39- Crawl back into bed and doze off to sleep
4:15- Norah whining again..... happens to have a bowl movement.. oh dear!
4:30- crawl back into bed
5:30- Reese crying again for a drink of water
6:45- Norah up for the day

As I sit and type this blog listening to them giggle and play happily together... *sigh* its all worth it..
to continue on with our day
I just could not pack my sick little angels and take them to a germ infested pool with snotty nose children that parents dont know when to keep them home instead of getting their precious hour of cardio! - don't get me on that rant! we called the gym to inform them we would not be making it this morning.. and lazed around.
Got a phone call around 8 from, "a friend, from way back when", to say she was here visiting from Winnipeg with her 20 month old and was wondering if we could arrange a playdate! so what the heck, bring her on over!
Sam Christensen and her precious little busy bee Oakher Grace!

The girls had a great morning getting to know each other and doing what they do best!! as us mommies chit chatted over coffee and home made Granola!!mmmmm... making tents and pretending they were ponies and the tent was their barn, very useful imaginations!... well Reese obviously was leading the pack this morning as the eldest!
Sam hurried off to a hair apt while Oakher hung out with us Finlay girls for an hour.. took about 30 seconds for her to realize that it was going to be okay that mommy wasn't here..

the girls went up the stairs, and down the stairs, and up the stairs, and down the stairs...
Norah and Oakher were a little bit more compatible as they are only 2 month age difference so it was fun to have a little playmate for Norah as it usually is someone here to play with Reese.

 I had dug out Norahs old Car Seat about a week ago as Im getting ready to sell it.... I think it was the toy of choice for the whole hour! Norah in the seat... Oakher in the seat... and lots of giggles!

It was soon Lunch time and the girls were all eager to eat and share meal time togehter!

After Lunch Oakher's visit had come to an end, as nap time for all three was quickly approaching!
heheh.. what a precious little gem you are Oakher!!! we had fun playing with you this morning, and hope you join us again soon! hey, maybe we'll get posted close to you!!
xoxo The Finlay girls

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day at the Farm

We try to busy our days and weekends with fun filled activities to keep our bodies and minds busy as we wait paitiently for daddy to finish up his training and come back to us.

a few weeks ago we decided we would take a trip to my friends parents Dairy farm and make a day trip our of it, little did we know how much excitement it really would hold!

9am on Saturday morning, I scurried around making breakfast, dressing little bodies and packing up for a day at the farm.  I packed lunches, snow pants, hats, mittens, a coffee for me of course and two very excited little girls into my truck, pressed play on my beloved DVD player, shoved Keeonah in the trunk and headed about 30 mins away to the Gillis Dairy Farm.
we arrived right on time shortly before 11 to greet Ashley and her husband and little one.

First things were first Reese HAD to go in and see all the cows....

we quickly went through the barn to take a look at the cows then went into the house to have a quick lunch!

Soon after lunch we put the little ones down for a nap to have some catch up conversation and real adult conversation.. oh how I miss real adult conversation!
not long did the kids nap and we were up and at it again. Lachlan, 2 precious years old and son of Ashley and Darcy and Reese were very eager to go outside and help "work on the farm" but first things were first... they had to go sliding!

that didn't last long.. nor does most thing you get a 1,2 and 3 year old to do! - so we then went BACK into the Cow barn to feed the cats!
Low and behold, one of the mommy cows had JUST given birth! what a site to see.. Reese was on cloud 9. She got to help Ashleys dad help get water for the mama cow, and boy oh boy was she ever excited!

 it was an exciting and change of scenery for us Finlay girls... but soon after baby and mama were doing alright we packed up and headed home! What a beautiful memory this was for all of us!

Thank you Ashley and Gillies Dairy Farm for letting us spend a day in your shoes!

Our Newest Addition!

For all of our friends who already think we are crazy in this season of our lives, we decided to add another piece to our outrageous puzzle! We have adopted a beautiful Lab/Huskie to our Fabulous Finlay Family -- Keeonah Finlay, born October 21, 2010 entered our family on January 28th at 12 weeks old!
We have decided to name her Keeonah because of her name meaning "Gods gracious gift and protector", and what perfect timing God has for us in our journey. Justin and I often talked about how great it would be to have a dog in the family, because we are such animal lovers and outdoorsy kind of people, but it was never "the right time" for us to give a dog a home when we ourselves didn't really have a home to give, but knowing that Justin will be working long hours and night shifts, I really wanted something that would be able to protect us and be there when Justin is not.
Well...... We still sort of fit under that category, but this precious peanut needed a new home, and I just couldn't say no! and am I ever glad we didn't! She fits our family like Cinderella's lost slipper!..
She came to us with a bit of agression issues, because she had been kenneled all day... but now is playful and happy all she needed was her love tank filled!

Keeonah is very playful and loves the girls, she has lots of energy to give and we can't wait to bring her along on our journey.
Now we just need daddy to come home to make our family picture Complete!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day of Love.

Love - "is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection. In some religious contexts, love is not just a virtue, but the basis for all being as in the Christian phrase, "God is Love" or Agape. Love may also be described as actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion."

So that is the definition of Love... sigh, oh how I miss my love, but knowing he is not far from heart. To celebrate this years valentines day we decided to bake! cookies of course.. heart shaped cookies! mmmm
Daddy was the lucky member to receive them in the mail, from his pretty little girls as a sweet tooth gift from afar.

Now, Baking cookies with two toddlers, and trying to be artsy in taking pictures is not an easy task, but with a lot of time and patience and a batch of burnt cookies we prevailed! and the cookies turned out marvelous!! oh and they tasted yummy too!

 We very carefully spread yummy icing, and sprinkled love filled 'sparkles' there is nothing like team work and sisterly love to decorate a cookie!

 and clearly Norah had to have a quick taste test!...

We made a special cookie for daddy, he received it and loved it :)
it was a yummy love day here! we miss you and love you, and think of you ever day daddy! xoxo