Thursday, March 31, 2011

45 days.. 12 hours and 32 minuets before 'IT'

Its hard to believe that Ive come all this way... I couldn't have said this to anyone 5 months ago how this journey would be, how it would have effected me. How it would have tugged at heart strings, or shaken me when I was down. But this has ultimatly been the BEST thing that could have happened.
breaking free from my every day, routine life, is all someone needs to appreciate that value of what they own. The value in friendship, marriage, parenting.
But nothing would have ever prepped me enough to do this without my husband standing beside me. The things I have gone through over the last 5 months have been so mentally and physically draining. I can't WAIT to have Mr. Right back in my life.
So the countdown begins, this is 'IT' what we have all been waiting for for the last 2 1/2 years the Journey I have been talking about and obsessing over since we started. Its here, ahhhh! Now Im in panic mode. Am I ready? Am I capable? Can I raise two kids with no motherly guidance? Can I be the best wife?  Its like taking the training wheels off and being let go for the first time - I know that feeling, Im free, Im doing this on my own - but scratching up the courage to actually DO it is whats the hardest part.
But I will do it, because I will get so close to the edge, the pressure will cook inside of me and I will turn into 'super mom' or at least thats what Im hoping for. hahahah - Ive lost my mind!

No, atlas I can sit and breath a sigh of relief - we are 130 days in, and 45 more to go.. Home stretch baby! I can see the light, I can see home again, my family is going to be complete - well almost! Soon we will be back in NB back with all of our amazing family and friends.. but until then, our Journey is just beginning. Can't wait for all of you to enjoy the ride!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

little house in the PRAIRIES!

Saskatchewan : is the center most prairie province of Canada. Saskatchewan was first explored by Europeans in 1690 and settled in 1774; prior to that, it was populated by several indigenous tribes. The province’s name is derived from the Saskatchewan River. Earlier, the river was designated kisiskāciwani-sīpiy (“swift flowing river”) in the Cree language. Regina, the capital city, is often called “The Queen City”.

My new hometowns Flag :) EEEK!

"I may be gone now, but I promise you I will be coming back.."

Well here it goes guys - 12 years ago I moved to a little cozy town and very quickly fell in love with my hometown Rothesay :) I made lots of friends, attended a dance class , played sports (well...somewhat, those of you who REALLY know me.. know that sports weren't really my THING, but I wanted them to be..) wrote journals, made flower crowns and lived life!
Met a boy, fell in love - and from there.. well you all know that I married my high school sweet heart, have had two beautiful little girls and am now packing up my little family, and setting off into new adventures!
Although, getting "that call" the call I had been waiting by the phone for months to get, the call that would ultimatly change our lives forever, the call that scared the pants off me.. yet made me so excited!
It came and very quietly answered the phone- "Babe?" "yes?" "Do you KNOW??" "yup, do you really want to know?" "Yes I want to know.. of course I want to know!" "Nah, Ill tell ya later..!" "TELLLLL MEEEEEE!!" "Well...guess!" "NO!, I dont want to guess, I want to KNOW!"  " We're going to Saskatchewan baby!"
Fewf - A sigh of relief came over me for about one tenth of a second, really didn't want to get posted in Manitoba.... but then it all came rushing back- The goodbyes, the pain, the comfort, the GRANDPARENTS, my friends, my hobbies, my church , my house...  all gone
Everything I have ever known and felt 'comfortable in' is going to be taken away from me.
I have to spread my wings and become the CEO of this family - the doctor, the teacher, the lawyer, the maid, the cook, the taxi - and not really have that comfort of saying "hey ma? what ya cooking for dinner? want some guests?" Its all far to real now -
Im leaving home.........

BUT then.....I take GREAT comfort knowing that I have the most amazing, kind, generous, loving, respected and honorable husband waiting for me. The man I fell in love with and do everytime he looks at our little girls. The man that has been so amazing through out these past 6 months, and is so passionate about his job! The man that I am doing all of this for because he is the most important.
So Then I started researching - Its hard to put down 'preferred choices' about your Division when you really have no sweet clue what the province is like, let alone know the 'preferred' towns. We took leaps and bounds of faith on knowing that God really does have the sweetest place and most beautiful town for us and our growing family. Take a look at how truly beautiful Saskatchewan is! Here is our new HOME

The Sunsets are Absolutly GOREGOUS - Can't wait to take my camera out there on those warm summer nights!
the fishing and hunting are pretty exciting for the hubs! We don't know what town we are posted to yet -- so more exciting news to find out! but Ill keep you posted :) Until then here are some facts about our new province :)

Interesting facts about Saskatchewan
• More than half of the people live in Saskatoon (largest city in the province) and provincial capital, Regina.
• Its major industries are agriculture, mining, and energy.
• one half of Saskatchewan is forest, while one third is farmland
• Saskatchewan has over 100,000 lakes, rivers, streams
• Northern Saskatchewan has forests, marshes, lakes, rivers
• southern region is mainly flat prairie with some rolling hills and valleys
• Saskatchewan grows over 54 percent of Canada’s wheat crop
• Forestry is prominent in northern Saskatchewan
• Saskatchewan is rich in minerals like potash, uranium, coal, oil and natural gas
• Saskatchewan is the world leader in the production of uranium
• Saskatchewan is Canada’s second largest producer of oil (after Alberta)
• Saskatchewan is third largest producer of natural gas in Canada
• Saskatchewan has more inventors per capita than anywhere else in Canada
• Western Canada’s only stagecoach robbery happened just south of Humboldt
• The deadliest tornado in Canada struck in Regina in 1912
• Saskatchewan has more road surface than anywhere else in Canada (250,000km)
• Saskatchewan is the site of North America’s oldest bird sanctuary
• Potash is Saskatchewan’s official mineral, Saskatchewan is also the world’s largest producer and exporter of potash and is a multi-million dollar industry
• Up until only a few years ago Saskatchewan’s total population was only estimated a one-million people (the city of Toronto can still hold our entire population with room to spare
• Saskatchewan is called “The Land of The Living Skies” because its citizens have the largest and longest un-interrupted view of the wind system known as the jet-stream which passes through Saskatchewan 73.6% of the year bringing with it large amounts of interesting cloud formations and ever changing weather systems
• There are only 3 large cities in Saskatchewan! But there is pretty much a town every 10 minutes driving down the highway!

Love from,
The little house in the Prairies :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Madness...

If you think this post is about the "March Madness Basketball.." you are clearly mistaken, you can shut this screen down and proceed doing whatever you were doing before.. this "MARCH MADNESS" has only been Flight delays, flight cancellations, stuffy airplanes,  un godly high fevers, Snotty noses, Scraps, Doctor visits, hospital visits, late nights, puking, and last but not ever forgotten, I.V's & hospital stays -- does that also define March Madness?? -- is anyone feeling tension from me right now??
Okay - Deep breath.. 1....2...3..
Alright Alright, Ill start from the beginning: Sit back and relax, this is going to be one long read.. Here has been our {March Madness}

 I left Regina on a Monday afternoon, due back in SJ for midnight-ish .... so, having to spend hours waiting in the Pearson Toronto Airport, feeling sorry for myself as Ive just left my husband, I smack down a whoppin 30 bucks to treat myself in the swanky lounge - seriously though, if your going to be stuck in an airport by yourself where you would spend $10.00 on a ham and cheese sandwich! do yourself a favor, go to the lounge! -- I'm rambling I know, its been a LONG MONTH! I go to the lounge, sit in the computer for a while, talk to my friends who are trying to make me feel better in the situation, but really nothing could -- so i took a walk over to the open food AND drink bar - have a glass of yummmmmy vino, and a honkin plate of butter chicken! (there's your 30 bones right there!) I then walk to the back, plunk my arse down on the very comfy couches and watch... yes get this... the BACHELOR! oh lord, where have I gone, I watch the Bachelor??? ahh! I really am alone! -- I look up at my flight board to see "Saint John ...... 10:40 on-time" its pushing 10, I start to pack up my stuff and head down the escalator - as I am reaching the bottom, I glance again over at the flight board - my eyes scrolling up and down, up and down, up and down.. and I'm repeating in my head over and over again "Where did it go.. where did it go???" Saint John was no longer ON THE BOARD -- only SECONDS, before it was scheduled to leave on time. NO NO NO how could this be happening? I just paid $30.00, my kids are waiting for me, this can't be happening - yes ladies and gents, this WAS happening, I am stuck in the Pearson along with thousands of other pissed of travellers!- So with my very cranky, stubborn, I'm to tired for this attitude, I run downstairs to try and find my bags as I know I'm going to be sent to some dingy hotel having to re-check in at some ungodly hour tomorrow... as I walk through the doors of the basement, I see Chaos - I see kids crying, parents crying, alone teen travellers not knowing what to do, luggage pouring out of the carousals like its some sort of bad digested meal being sick all over the floor....

I stand and just scan the room and its so loud in there it was almost quiet, like unreal - out of some sort of weird Sci-fi movie or something, like an alien or something was going to eat us...OK, yes maybe I was totally over tired and delusional but seriously! creepy.
I rummage through about 3 carousels before I finally find my bag.. Then head down to stand in line of hundreds of people to find out what to do next - when I soon realize I could call to see what flight I had been re-booked on it says - WEDNESDAY! , its Monday people... so they are telling me I have to wait until Wednesday to get on another plane -- I have my mini panic attack about who and where and what I'm going to do with my kids for the next 48 hours, as my in-laws and parents have already done so much.. I then call my near by brother and ask him 'pretty please will you get out of your nice warm bed at midnight and drive an hour to come pick up your poor sister who is stranded at the Toronto airport' luckily I have the best big brother in the world :) and he did so... what a day that was! oh and have I mentioned.. its only MARCH 1st!

Jessanna Jones, the worlds greatest friend!

My 'Dolls' what has gotten me through these past 4.5 months

Getting to see my hubby and meet some AMAZING women made it all worth it ;)
And, although not getting home on time wasn't such a HUGE bummer, because I did get to relax and spend some quality time with my awesome brother and amazing sister-in-law, whom I haven't seen in about 2 years.. it was nice, it involved: sleeping in, laying on the couch watching TV, retail therapy, all you can eat sushi, some more retail therapy, hot tubs and lots of laughs and great conversations! Good time had by all.  Was glad in the end that it happened - although getting to the point wasn't so fun!
I finally got to the airport, rechecked all my luggage sat and watched my plane be delayed twice- but yes.. landed back at home into the arms of my wonderful little girls who are, I must say the BEST welcoming committee ever!! :) Thank you mom, dad (on both sides) for all your hours, hugs and kisses you poured over our girlie's - very much appreciated!

The week went one without to much action, as the following week was the recipe for the most hellish month ever - my poor Reese was hit with one thing after the other. If it wasn't a head cold, it was an ear infection, puking, diarrhea.. in the doctors office for one thing, out with an antibiotic, in the next week for something else, and out with an antibiotic! - Last Sunday, when we actually had made it to church ON TIME and no one was sick, got home to her again- not feeling well, barely eating anything and not her chatty little self.  Honestly, I didn't notice it much that day but as I look back that was the beginning of it all. Sunday Night at about midnight Reese woke me up to not get through the sentence she wanted to say "mommy..I don't..BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" everywhere, all over my bed, in my hair.. everywhere - the beginning of what was to be the most emotionally, physically and mentally draining week of all the weeks my man has been gone.

Reese continued to vomit and be sick in all aspects for the next 3 days, and if she wasn't being sick she was sleeping - She slept for almost 24 hours, with barely waking - walking up the stairs exhausted her to the point she had to lay down before she went anywhere else. Color was draining out of her skin and face by the second, and she couldn't hold a conversation.
I took her into the hospital on Tuesday night hoping I would get some answers- hoping someone would take me, and answer my questions of my very quickly fallen so ill child.
but No - sent her home with some pedalyte saying she should be better in a few days. That trip to the hospital exhausted her to the point she fell asleep there and did not wake up until the following day at supper time, where she then, again, began throwing up whatever was left in her stomach.... breaking my heart.
Back to the doctor we went on Thursday morning - who was rattled the hospital had done nothing, and was concerned so sent us back with specific instructions to see specific doctors. 20 minuets turned into 2 hours, which quickly turned into 4... as the minuets went by, my poor girl layed there not moving, in a deep coma like state so sick to even open her eyes. I finally got to talk to a Resident, who proceeded to tell me "she's not that sick.. just give her some pedialyte" and I proceeded to say "Let me stop you right there Dr. I have been back and forth to Doctors offices, and hospitals. If one more person tells me to take this child home, who has lost 4 lbs - refuses to drink, has thrown up excessively for more then 3 days and hasn't gone PEE in 2 days.  I'M GOING TO LOOSE IT!" so to save their butt they gave me the option to admit her.. my blood is boiling at our Health system right now, but at the time I at least had some sort of ease that she was being admitted. About 25 minuets later, he came back down with the paper work and called the IV technicians to come put her IV in. Reese went through 4 bags of IV fluids before she even got enough strength or the desire to go to the washroom. If that's not dehydrated, I don't know what is.
That's all it took... simply being hooked up to some fluids over a 24 hour period, and I saw the spark back in my little girl's eye... but I had to FIGHT for it. I would do it again, no body will pull a blanket over my eyes again when it comes to the health of my kids.


Which leads us to today - March 29th almost the end of March... my kids are both healthy, we are no longer residents of the Saint John Regional Hospital (thank the lord) We finger painted, played sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles and had dance parties! I thank God every day for the health of my two special little girls. and hope never ever ever again to have a month, like this past!

She was in her GLORY

Finger Painting turned into brush painting.. which just makes for a terrible mess :)


Splashing in the puddles!

Mommy has to have cool rain boots too!!!

All of our ART :)

                    ~ The Finlay's ~

{for those of you wondering, I rocked the comfy boots... it was COLD! alright alright, one night I rocked the sexy boots ;) }