Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Eggs, Silly faces, Memories & 'Home to me'

Well Lots more to add in our busy weeks ending our 6 month journey! We had our Easter egg hunt last week and Norah and Reese were by far, most excited for all the Chocolate they were allowed to consume all day long..
Reese finding Easter Eggs hidden high! -she was pretty proud!

We woke up to Reese, who snuck out of bed early, and went upstairs to hide under the bench and eat as much chocolate as she could before everyone woke up - so by the time it was Norahs turn to hunt we had to re-hide all of the eggs... oh brother!
Norah and Keeonah gazing at Norahs goodies!
My beautiful girls all dressed up for church

As I sit at midnight staring out the window in a peacefully quite house...the puppies are cuddled on the floor snorring, my little ballerina's are tucked safely and soundly in their beds.. and its mommy's time to think, to take in all that I possibly can before we embark on a journey into the unknown
I have never had to 'Leave' home - to the extent that I am going to now...
so I have decided that I wanted to learn how to 'make home' soo HOME TO ME - is the smell of home made cinnamon rolls whisping through the hallways when you wake up in the morning... Brownbread rising in the bowl sitting on the counter in the warm sun, sweet butter biscuits fresh out of the oven for a dinner time delight!
Since I have had the honor to live at home and learn how to do all these things I feel as if I am ready to pass on the traditions to my girls... we have practiced with my mom on how to make our 'home to me traditions' - and I have done it on my own now... I am quite confident that I will be able to take a little piece of 'home' away with me..
Cinnamon buns made from scratch all by myself! Impressive I know!
So now we are almost there, almost ready to take the big leap - we have tied up this week with getting few last minuet things we will need before our take off - Canadian Tired surprised me with a super deal on a roof top carrier for $65.00 Thank you Lord - because thats really all we could afford! :) I love a good deal!

I also got my dress for the Grad - That you will all have to wait for Grad week to be reveled ;)

Reese got some more play time in with some more of her girlfriends as she has constantly asked "Mommy, am i going to be able to take all my friends with me when we move?"
sadly I had to tell her that her friends had to stay here, but that when we visited her grandparents that she could see her friends, and that we can play with them as much as she can while we are here, and that we can write letters! This week we had Rachel come over to play - as it was a rainy groose day we played play-doh,made silly faces and danced our little buns off!

Reese&Rachel dancing

my little bean playing with the big girls


Rachel won the silly face contest hands down!
Reese loving a Sand Box

Dress up was apart of our afternoon aswell!


Well - To end off our week we celebrated by waking up at 7am to watch the ROYAL WEDDING - Reese was in heaven being able to see a REAL Princess and Prince get married - she was absolutely captivated by the horses, the dress, the crazy hats and all the magic that went behind the history in the making! We didn't quite have the hats to match but we made due with a fun little hair piece that she wore in her hair to be apart of all the magic! Another week is about to start our last week until our take off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Wills & Kate tie the knot! it truly was magical!

 Reese's Hair Piece to the Royal affair!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Packages, Teaparts, play tents and bike rides!..

Well last week I didn't get to the computer much to write what we had done, but we were busy.. so thats a GOOD THING!

Its hard to think how much time we left, and how much we have to squeeze into those last few days and hours.
I received my first official letter from Spiritwood & Surrounding areas in the mail - it was VERY real, but exciting.. lots of literature about the humble town and all the little activities that come with residing there!

so we are continuing to make lots of play dates and soak up as much time with friends as we can..

With having my brother home we got to spend some quality time with my neice, The girls couldn't get enough of her.. Isabel on the other hand (Very much like her daddy-o) was a bit over whelmed at Reese and Norah's eager personailtys to hug and kiss her.....everytime they saw her! but they got to know each other well. Sadly, my brother is actually moving home.. and not only is he moving home, he is moving home excatly ONE WEEK after we move away.. oh brother!
My beautiful Neice..4 months younger then Norah
Norah and one of her many faces

Isabel likes her distance from other children.. hehe

Isabel cruising on the 4 wheeler!

We did get to make some awesome memories last Friday with them. My mom and dad, 2 out of 4 of my brothers, my brothers wife and daughter Naomi&Isabel, my girls and myself all packed up early friday morning and headed into the local Aquatic Center for some fun in the pool! Reese braved taking her lifejacket off in the kiddie pool, slapped on her goggles and swam UNDER WATER! I couldn't believe how much she was below water level then above! she is such a fish!
It didn't take Norah anytime to warm up to the fact that she would slip and fall and plunge under water as well.. by the end she was laughing so hard and did not want to get out! There were to many pictures to share so I made a short video slide show to make you all feel as if you were apart of our swimming extravaganza - please don't judge my shooty attempt at making a fast video!

we have since then, begun a new week and are almost through it! Reese has had more playdates filled with beautiful days, tea parties and bike rides! Here's a few picture from yesterdays goregous day and play date with little miss Naomi Fowler :)

Naomi and Reese ubber excited about going out to play with the JEEP

 Naomi attempted to take the Jeep for a spin, but didn't quite understand that hitting the petal with her foot would make it go as I heard screamed across the parking lot "HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP!!!!" Reese gave Naomi a crash course on how to drive it, and soon Naomi was cruising around like an ol' pro!

Lets not forget about little Miss N. enjoying the sun

She MUCH rather push the car the actually get in it.

Sweet Sweet Friends

 What better way to end our lunch time with a tea party, with magical tea of course! Reese and Naomi had all their furry little friends lined up for their special tea party! oh what fun it is to be 3!
How adorable are they!

It has been a whirlwind of the last 2 weeks.. with many more changes! We have learned that Justin starts working by the end of May, and our house hunt has begun officially ..we have set the date for our 'send off' party which is sad to think about, but also so exciting to think of all the new adventures we get to get into!

so today... today is a windy, rainy day, with spots of hail and yes.. dare I say it -SNOW so I have decided to blog, and cozy up with my girls watching movies, eating cereal and lazing around.
Yesterday we booked our tickets to fly out to see Daddy - What an awesome feeling that was! so the countdown is officially on. - 21 more days and our life will start to piece back together again..

21 more days for this Chapter to end, and a new one to begin! SO EXCITED!

much love to you all xoxoxo
The Finlay Girls :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HOP for Muscular Dystrophy

As a 3 year old you are so curious as to what the 'world' really is.. but your heart is so pure to everyone around you. That is my little Reese, as innocent as they come to want to give and help.
Reese came home from pre-school last week so excited to tell me all about what she had learned!
She quickly jumped into the truck, buckled up her seat belt and couldn't wait to belt out all about MUSCLES!

Mama-"Yes sweet girl?"
R-"do we have lots of toonies?"
Mama-"Well we have a few toonies, yes.."
R-"Can I have them?"
Mama-"well of course, what for?"
R-"We are going to hop at school for muscles, and I want to give all my toonies!.."

later to find out that she has to bring a toonie for those touched with Muscular Dystrophy. Reese's preschool were all asked to donate just one simple toonie to HOP around their classrooms for 15 minuets for Muscular Dystrophy.

As a mommy, you always want your children to go above and beyond! you want to show them what it is like to stand up and take one step further. My little girl took that step. She asked me if we could raise a MILLION TOONIES! - I quickly said it would be a little diffacult as we only had 48hours before her next class, but that we would try to raise as much as we could,and so she did! We called Bama at work and asked if she would collect, and we put a message out to everyone and asked if they could donate!
Reese went back to school with a very proud look on her face, her baggie full of change and presented her teacher with a bag full of toonies and she said "This is for all the sick kids who have trouble smiling"

My little girl has the biggest heart, and she makes me so proud to be called her mommy!

'let me strike a pose' - Reese

She was pretty proud!
What is Muscular Dystrophy you ask?
Muscular dystrophy is the name for a group of neuromuscular disorders that are characterized by progressive weakness and wasting of the voluntary muscles that control body movement. As muscle tissue weakens and wastes away, it is replaced by fatty and connective tissue.
Each form of muscular dystrophy is caused by an error in a specific gene associated with muscle function; however, specific disorders within this group vary in many ways. The muscles involved are different from one disorder to another. The severity of the symptoms, the age at which the symptoms appear, how fast the symptoms progress, and what pattern of inheritance the disorder follows, are all factors which differ among the various forms of muscular dystrophy. Even within a specific disorder, several individuals with the same disorder may experience the disorder and its symptoms quite differently.
Muscular dystrophies are genetic disorders. Forms of muscular dystrophy can be passed on from generation to generation, or they can occur spontaneously in a single individual as the result of a mutation of a particular gene. Contrary to popular belief, muscular dystrophy is not exclusively a childhood disorder - anyone can be affected.  While some types of muscular dystrophy are first evident in infancy or early childhood, other types may not appear until later in life.
Over time, persons with neuromuscular disorders may lose the ability to walk, speak, and ultimately breathe. For some individuals, the disorder is fatal. There is currently no cure.

Reese raised $25.00 by simply asking to donate a toonie - stand up and donate a toonie!
to make any donations or to read about Muscular Dystrophy please go HERE


so much to do.. so little time..

I think blogging right about now, is about the only thing holding me from bursting into tears about imaging what our life is going to be like for the next 6-8 weeks.
Im a list maker - and right now I have so many endless lists going on that I can't even keep them straight (which reminds me! - I need to make a list for tomorrow) Im totally guilty for taking on to much at a time, saying 'no its okay, we have lots of money' when really I look at our bank account and wonder how I can twist that $203.56 to last for the next week! eek! Taking a deep breath! and all I want to do is spend every waking second with friends and family... soo...


SOO.. instead of running around and doing a million errands, checking off things on my 10 'to do' lists, Im taking time to stop and stare. This week we have totally taken time to soak up friends and family, have lazy mornings, hot chocolate in the afternoon, take the dog for long walks and enjoy my brother, sister in law, and most adorable niece who are home house hunting from BC.

I have taken time to sit and think about what life is going to be like, living so far away from this:
my mom, dad, 4 brothers our spouses and kids!
My kids have gotten to know so many amazing little friends, that I am so sad to have to take them away from but glad, for when we return they will reunite! here are a few pics of this last week and the girls getting together with some of their little buddies!
 Reese and her buddy Elissa were putting on a bit of a dance show while we got together lunch! these two are a riot when together, their silliness just bounces off each other and they have a blast! Reese will be sad to say good bye.
Eating our most nutritious lunch - Macaroni and Doritos! haha mmm!

 Norah hanging with the 'big girls' playing ponies.. it wasn't long before I got the yell down the staires "get Norah out of here..." and so it begins.. oh to be the youngest!
Getting ready to go play outside... are they not the most beautiful little girls!

Best Friends.

Being silly... AGAIN

Lets not forget Norah and her wee friends :)
We have been so blessed to live in a community with so many close connections and such amazing children that our kids have been able to grow up around so far. We pray that we are continued to be blessed with families around us in Spiritwood. I have much faith that there will be!

so I end this blog thinking about how wonderful our last 6 months have been. And how I have felt so carried through these hours,days,weeks & months. Thank you to all of you who have 'carried' me. You know who you are, and you know how deeply you are loved.
 "Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.  Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is in the Air :)

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."  ~Proverbs
Mmmmm, The smell of fresh spring air and the feeling of it touching your face. The sounds of the birds singing in your window each morning, and the bright sun peaking through the curtains..*sigh* I love spring! I would have to say its probably my most savored time of year, its a celebration that the dark cold winter is finally OVER (although I dont totally hate winter, i just hate it when I have to dress and undress little bodies 5 times over each day!) and its a celebration that the warmth and sunny summer is just around the corner!
it is also reminding us, as in our little family of 4, that we have big changes coming up in our lives.  I thought spring of 2011 would never get here and to my surprise it just sort of poped up!
We decided to celebrate the beginning of this years new season by taking an adventure out to Elmhurst Outdoors and learning how our very own maritime Maple Syrup is made! Educational and fun !!

Little Miss. N wasn't feeling the greatest, so she stayed behind and snoozed away the afternoon - while Reese and I met up with Nana, Ant Nikki & Emmy for a girls day across the river tappin' sap'

Mommy and Reese ready for the sun shining day

We got to share the car ride over with Ant Nikki, and Little E which is always fun! doesn't happen often as our families are growing to big! but this time we could all squeeze in! We enjoyed the company of the 45 minuet drive across the river.  Loved having quality time with you guys!

my beautiful sister-in-law and I rockin our 'go big or go home' shades
We arrived with two excited little girls ready to taste some delicious Syrup! we were a tad early so we waited patiently for the last crew to finish up their tour so we could begin ours!
Little E & Little R used their time wisely and played tag, running around Ant Nikki!


"cousins are friends that will love you forever.."

Mommy and Little E

Nana, Emmy & Ant Nikki

making it up the hill was a big task, but Little E made it the whole way!

Reese on the other hand wasn't such a trooper- riding on mommy's shoulder was way more fun!

We got to walk along the path and were told the story of how Sap becomes Syrup! what kind of tools the pioneers used, and how it has evolved into how they make it today! very interesting!

Nana was the honorary Syrup holder! who knew the pioneers had PADERNO!

 Here it goes -- the pouring of the delicious syrup! nothing like it!!
Little R's first taste of the goods!

She became pro at rolling it in no time!

Emmy thought the Syrup was "MMMMM..."

                                                    Great time Had by All :)

Sisters & Cousins

We got to go in and enjoy delicious home made pancakes, sausage and maple syrup beans down at the hut at the bottom of the hill. Unfortunately my camera battery died to show you all how yummy the meal looked! Guess y'all will have to come out and see for yourself!