Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full swing summer, weiner roasts, beaches & playdates

So we are now in full summer mode.. while most of our days are filled with crafts, hot dogs for lunches, days spent in the sun& at the beach, freezies and walks - doesn't quite take off our mind how much we miss home.. but Im not going to bore you with my longing heart for the maritime air! I WILL tell you how much we LOVE our new home town.
10 Reasons why I love Spiritwood

1- We own a house! -YAHOO... its about time ;)

2- When I go to the grocery store here (not so often because it would cost an arm and a leg) they bag my groceries, load them in a cart.. and bring them to my car and load them in my trunk.. how freakin' awesome is that!
3- Lovely neighbors that bring us supper without even blinking!
4- I can walk to the post office, drug store, home hardware... yup just about everywhere
5- we bought a $40.00 Regional Park pass that gets us into all the beaches all summer long :)
6- My husband loves his job, and is beaming at each end of shift
7-The sun shines from 4:00AM - 10:30PM
8-We have learned Saskatchewan lingo  -- like a hoody is a 'bunny hug' hehehe
9- Are surrounded by the most kind hearted people, and loving community
10- Wiener roasts with our neighbors

So we have now been in our house for 3 weeks now and with each day, we fall in love with another piece and it is concrete of why we bought this house! although we have many little projects that need to be started - we have decided to put most of them on hold and enjoy the summer and so we have!
We have met our neighboors and absoutly LOVE THEM (wink wink, Monique & Lane) they are a young couple just like us, who have just recently gotten engaged and are getting married next summer!
So last Friday night they invited other neigh boors and we all bunked around their camp fire pit and roasted some good ol' fashion wieners! - As we were all preparing our dogs to be roasted Justin mentioned Spider dogs! - and with not much of a sound they all peep'd up at once.. What is a Spider Dog?? "You don't know what a spider dog is???" so we quickly pulled the hot dogs out of the bags got a knife and showed them how it was done.
Please excuse Lane's roasting stick.. a little inappropriate haha
So we had a great night of laughs and getting to know each other over camp fire roast, and straw berry short cake for dessert.. all went home to put our kids to bed, the gathered back at the camp fire for some drinks and smores!

We have spent many days at the closest beach to Spiritwood - it is about a 20 minuet drive.. which is perfect, long enough for the girls to have little power naps before we hit the sand.. and then another power nap after the long day in the sun to hold them over until bed time.. Norah has become a little more out going this summer with the water - by the third time we made it to the beach she was jumping off the dock (into my arms of course) and having a blast.. Reese on the other hand who is my fish is loving all this water time.. and with her life jacket on she is keeping up with the 'big girls' meanwhile mommy gets to veg in the sand with a book in hand and the warm sun wrapping my body.

Beach Bum!!

Sand.. dirty hands.. sand.. dirty hands we run back and forth to the water to wash her hands off more times...

Giving me some 'Pie' from their creation of sand :) 
I love how my girls can be so creative and use their imaginations! We go on speals of different stories, and they use anything at hand to make up some fun for an afternoon - after all- we are to cheap to get TV... so you HAVE to use your imagination in our house :)

We usually end our days with a walk down to the path that runs along Spiritwood.. Keeonah's favorite place to go, as she knows she is going to be able to go off leash for a bit.. Here are a few pics of Keeonah soaking up every moment of 'freedom' hehe

 We truly did get an amazing post.. the land here is stunning..
 Keeonah has just been off leash - she is doing great with her training.. she gets a bit side tracked with birds... but always comes back, we love her!
She sees stuff in the grass and does this Hop into the tall grass



And the adventure continues....



“I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.” -Rosalia de Castro


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  1. Keeonah learned her 'hunting & skipping' skills from Ella! Ha Ha. I am glad she is fitting in to the family. We love that you love her, I will too when I come and visit. The Maritimes misses you just as much as you miss them.