Saturday, July 2, 2011

Transition... there is a lot contained in that one word- part 1

"We seem to be going through a period of nostalgia, and everyone seems to think yesterday was better than today.  I don't think it was, and I would advise you not to wait ten years before admitting today was great.  If you're hung up on nostalgia, pretend today is yesterday and just go out and have one hell of a time."  ~Art Buchwald

A quote I stummbled across when I have longed for home and the 'wonder years' with my family surrounding me and friends at my becking call... but to have my hubby home from what we call 'one hell of a journey' coming home from work happy and excited to tell me every detail is nothing more then bliss..

When I actually went to my blog page and realized I haven't blogged since APRIL! I almost freaked.. I can not believe two months have flown by so quickly when the 6 months of depot seemed like death, torture and a trillion years long.. at last we are whole again.

And still can't get a decent family picture.. geesh, some things never change

Where do you even start ???? When you have flown across the country with two eager toddlers to hug and kiss their daddy, took part in one of the most amazing graduation ceremonies of all time, been reunited with your best friend, lover & father of your children, flying back home to say goodbye to our parents, our friends, mentors and leaders - to embark on a family road trip that took us 4,200KM away from home, arrive in a teeny tiny town that is now our new home, check into our cabin that will house us for a month of limbo, become first time home owners, pack up our little cabin and move into our new house... all in 2 months time, can you say WHIRLWIND!
can you find him?

Well first off.. the moments leading up to waking my babies to tell them "Today is the day! we get to go on an airplane to see daddy!!!" Miss R. eagerly replied with "IS IT A PURPLE AIRPLANE?!?!?!" as much as a disappointment it was when I said it was not, she was through and through beside herself that she got to see her dad! The morning couldnt pass by fast enough to get to the airport, check in, wait an hour to load, squeeze a tiny plane packed full and take flight off to DEPOT!
With Justins busy last days we landed to late for him able to pick us up and see us.. but we didn't wait around long the next day as we poped into say hi on his lunch break!.. (Video to follow soon)
nothing like a fathers love..oh how he missed them!
Little R was so excited she came booming out of the Van and leapt into daddy's arms faster then anyone could blink.. for the 30 minuets we stood around Reese never let go of his neck repeating in her little toddler voice "I knew you would come back daddy!.." as I watched my shy 21 month old slowly creep closer to her dad and then finally let him pick her up.. That was it.. my heart could beat again, my family was a unit again. My husband was actually physically there holding our kids we were whole... it was done.
The week of Regina flew by.. Parades to watch, Ceremonies to be involved in, people to meet, stuff to pack up, Badge Ceremonies, Grad Banquets, Pictures and a whole lot more.. and then it was over.. it was time to pack up his six month journey back into a suitcase and fly home to begin another chapter in our lives.

Our flight left at 10:00am ...and we landed in Saint John at 7:45pm with the greetings and hugs of family.. nothing sweeter then smelling the fresh maritime air... things moved very quickly as soon as we got home.. but first things first we celebrated my birthday MARITIME STYLE!

This is my father putting about 6 lobsters to sleep.. standing them upside down and rubbing their noses.. only people who live by the sea know how to do this.... and mmm..mmm..mmm.. they were someeee good  :)

And my kids enjoyed every lick they could get of all the seafood! Muscles&Lobster, Steak&Veggies and of course chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting - birthday tradition in our house!

Reese is a pro at shucking muscles,dipping them in butter and eating them!

Norah chowing down on a lobster claw!



Moments later we were stuffed and I was panning the room and taking it all in knowing it would be the last of my birthdays I would be celebrating at home with my family.. it was a weekend to remember!

8:30am the next morning packers were there to pack up our lives.. the 7 wonderful years we got to spend together in the town we grew up in, get married, and where the births of our children took place.. all packed up into boxes and loaded onto a moving truck to be shipped to the prairies and would be stored awaiting for the perfect house to be found...and it was!
Reese watching all of our stuff being driven away (Yes that is our bookshelf strapped to the back!)

Saying goodbye to friends and family is nothing but hard.. We miss you guys more every day and wish you could be experiencing this adventure with us!
Tune in next time for our trip across Canada!!

"Man's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell."  ~Jean Paul Richter

Jean Paul couldn't have put it any sweeter... LOVE TO YOU ALL!

~The Finlays~ 


  1. beautiful!! Absolutely in every way- photos, the way you articulated it all.. your amazing. Love you- can't wait to visit!! aaaah the coffee is on..

  2. Kait you are such a good writer! I loved reading about your adventure...can't wait to read more and see pictures of your new place