Friday, August 5, 2011

Whats your Job?

"That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."
Titus 2:4-5

My Love, My Life, My Joy, My Protector, My Best friend..


My "job" is being a full time mother, a loving wife and home maker. Recently each time I meet a new person at the park, beach, or just in our backyard, one of the first things people ask me is "what do you do?" and I reply.. "Well..I have one of the most challenging jobs, underpaid, and most fulfilling..I am a Mom of two beautiful, energetic girls and wife to the most amazing husband and provider, What do you do?" I normally get a small pause and "Oh thats great.." or "I see.." or "Interesting..thats nice.." It dosen't seem to be the "norm" here to be a stay at home mom and raise your kids. I take great pride and Joy in this.. although... it is not easy
And since moving away from my main support of family and friends I have been having some heart to hearts with some women in my life about how I can be a better wife becuase this wife thing.. mother thing.. is not easy and I want to be the best.

First off - I DO have one of the most amazing men, that was hand picked for me, although I can be a bit nagging, and probably a downer at times. My strive is to be a better wife the BEST wife.. and I encourage my fellow wives in whatever you do may it be a full time stay at home mommy, working inside the home or working outside the home that you take my advice.. Make out a list of "WHY I LOVE MY HUSBAND" and post it beside your bathroom mirror, so you can see it each morning you wake.. and each night you go to sleep.. Being a wife is one of the hardest tasks.. it is not easy, but it is the most sacred thing, it takes work, energy, communication & Love. In our 4th year of marriage, and still deeply in love with the boy I laid eyes on when I was 12, is amazing. Knowing that I got to step into this wife thing early into my life has been a blessing and so amazing, but as a "spring chick" I want to work at being the best wife and having a fulfilling long marriage. A wise women (you know who you are) told me that marriage is like a Garden.. without work, weeding, watering and consent attention it will die quickly, and the easy way out is to plow it over and start fresh. Marriage is not easy, it is not something that can be swept under the rug, it is not a one way street.. and with love, communication, trust, honor and respect poured into it each day it will flourish and you will be proud to call it yours. I have recently had an out of body experience in my dream that I watched the way I was treating my husband, it was not with love and respect, it was not with honor and trust.. it was with nagging, and disappointment, it was with harsh snappy words, and bitterness. Something I am not proud of.. I did realize I have not been giving MYSELF what I need and that is me time, I have not given myself time each day to dig deep into how I want to be a better wife and mother..I have not given myself time to relax and rejuvenate myself and by the end of the day I am spent, I am resenting that my husband goes to work each day and is not helping me at home.. -well DUH! How else would we survive, of course he has to go to work!!!? So We as a TEAM are taking an overhaul as a couple and in our marriage.. We want to grow old together and continue on our family story, but without looking at each other and pouring into our marriage that would not happen. So here is my LIST, my list of how I value my husband, how I love my husband and how I am Proud to call him mine. 

He gave me these two blessings

  • He is my best friend.
  •  He has shown me my true self.
  •  He is a HOTTIE!!
  • He has the ability to overcome anything and rise above it, in his work and at home.
  •  I get to go to sleep in his arms every night.
  •  I get to wake up in his arms every morning.
  •  He is the world's best dad (next to mine of course)
  •  He respects himself.
  • He respects Me.
  •  He is a good listener.
  •  He loves me without even thinking about it.
  • There is no mountain too high for him to climb.
  •  He loves me without make-up.
  • He has a very forgiving heart.
  •  I can be myself when I am with him.
  • He never gives up on me.
  •  He is simply irresistible
  •  He has an awesome sense of humor!
  •  He can ALWAYS makes me laugh.
  • Every time he looks at me my heart skips a beat.
  •  He holds the key to my heart.
  •  I feel safe in his arms.
  •  He is the most intelligent man I have ever met.
  •  He IS my better half.
  •  He carries himself with a great deal of pride.
  •  He has reachable goals in life.
  •  I love that he isn’t perfect.
  • God created him just for me.
  •  His smile.
  •  I love the way he says my name.
  •  I love the look in his eyes when he says “I Love You”.
  •  I love laying my head on his bare chest and feeling his heart beat.
  •  I still get butterflies when he kisses me.
  •  I love the way he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight like there is no tomorrow
  • The way he stands beside me and not in front of me.
  •  Because he looks at me when he thinks I am not looking
  •  How he forgives me over and over when I do something wrong.
  •  He is not embarrassed to call me pet names in front of others.
  •  He isn’t ashamed to cry in front of me.
  •  How he makes me feel when I think I am nothing.
  • He inspires me.
  •  I love the way he tries to explain any kind of sport to me when I really don’t understand.
  •  He loves his family with a great deal of passion.
  •  He is a good driver.
  •  I love that he demands respect but isn’t controlling.
  •  I love how he wants to make up after a fight.
  •  When I am grumpy, he still loves me. 
  • I love knowing that if I died today….I will see you again in Heaven my darling, and my life was better because of loving you.

So this is to my husband, and to us wives.. Take Pride in Marriage, strive for the best.. And don't forget to have Date Nights ;)

With Love xoxo


  1. Love this post Kait!!! Very sweet!!! Now if there were only Justin's out there for everyone!! haha

  2. Great write up Kait. Marriage is work. I love having a husband to serve the LORD with. I love how as we get closer to Him we get closer to each other. We have made a point each year to do at least 1 kind of marriage teaching. This was the one we did this year and it was awesome. hope you get a chance to watch it. It took a couple of months but it has been worth it.

  3. Love that my son has such an amazing wife!! We are blessed to have you in our family! xoxo

  4. Your father in law thinks you are awesome and I to agree you were hand picked by God for our son! We love you Kait and are proud to call you daughter! xoxo