Friday, November 11, 2011

5 months & 3 weeks..

iI've been DYING to write for weeks now, and hate how I never have time for it..I've been busier than an ant in a picnic basket lately but it seems like there just haven't been enough hours in the day to get everything done...and because I value my hours of sleep I get - or should I say, lack there of. If you asked me quick I don't think I would be able to tell you the day of the week.. let alone that it's already November  (Minus the fact that my husband has something strange growing under his nose, but that's besides the point!).. Its all been a blur, between busying my girls, taking puppies for walk, helping my hubby with countless-endless jobs around the house, being Betty Crocker in the kitchen to satisfy the bellies of my offspring and then simply just having alone time - but all at once.. time is ticking so slowly.
It's been 5 months, 3 weeks, and 5 hours since we took off on our adventure to the Prairies. and it's now hitting home. Mom and Dad's for dinner isn't just a drive away, the In-laws for Friday night Chinese food isn't as accessible.. Life is moving on and we are miles away.

I had the pleasure of hosting my Mommy for 2 whole entire glorious weeks back in October! She really is THE BEST. Not being here even 24 hours, she was already in her painting clothes creating beauty and comfort in my home, cooking up a storm in my kitchen and getting the little things for my girls and I didn't have to lift a finger.. - and then..... I fell off our deck, snapped some ligaments and tendons and the hubs had to rush me to the yah, Mom - you came at the perfect time.. No, it truly is amazing having your mommy come from across the country and you get to spend some good quality time, we got to hit up Edmonton both for the first time - HELLO WEST EDMONTON MALL!

This is where we spent our afternoon.. Best.Pool.EVER
 And We got to see a pretty wicked sealion show and Reese got a special Kiss ;)

If you've never visited the most amazing mall of all time.. you have to visit the most amazing mall of all time! and you will all be shocked to hear, although I was in the WEM for over 4 hours I did not shop in a single store! This was all about a girls trip with me, my mom and my girls.. worth every penny and enjoyed every moment! Memories that will never be erased.

I so enjoyed having you here mom, and miss you everyday - you have instilled amazing things into me as a mother, You and Dad always put God first, and made music important - getting messy was okay, and leaving the dishes until tomorrow because us kids wanted to play a game wasn't a crime. Thank you for continuing to be such an awesome mommy.. Love you, and Miss you xo

Being far from home is hard. But taking in this journey is a once in a life time. For the first time in 24 years I didn't have to set my clock back.. but what's even better is I don't have to set my clock AHEAD in 6 months time, yahoo! Nope - No Daylight savings in this province.. And although my mornings will probably start at 10AM and end at 4:30PM we will soak in this ride. Weather Temps are dropping.. Hub's is finishing up the last of the deck, and my daddio flys in on Monday night! Like I said we have kept busy..

This is probably one of the most boring posts Ive ever written - but its almost midnight here and I have been staring at a computer screen since 6pm editing photos! my brain is fried! Next post will be killer I swear ;)

Have a great weekend everybody :)


  1. NOT boring! We love having you here and I feel SO blessed to have spent time with Bamma! xo

  2. I so enjoyed my time and can't tell you how much I miss your calling and asking what is for supper and can you come over. But I do get to travel, see my baby and her babies, meet her new friends, see her world just hate the goodbyes. YET I love the hellos and the anticipation that I will come out again sooner than later. Love you all.

  3. OK seriously you are one BLESSED WOMAN!!!! ahh well at least I got to peek in and 'pretend' I was there?? :( aww It would have been so neat to meet your mom (and um hang out with Kate!!) NEXT TIME BAMMA!