Sunday, February 5, 2012

Falling behind...

I guess my life is on high speed and I have fallen so behind -Yet again! I really need to start back up with my weekly blog posts! so you as my viewers PLEASE encourage me to write more.. !
January oh how I loath January, mainly because another year has wrapped up, my girls are one more year older, IM one year older, our life is zipping past and I feel, although this was a crazy year, that Im not taking each breath to its fullest, Im not stopping to smell the flowers, Im always in a hurry. So - This year as my wonderful husband and I have both decided to take our Health as priority, and to just slow down.. appreciate all God has give us and breath it all in. 

Christmas Morning 2011!
We missed to post anything in December, So I will catch you all up a bit. Norah got her first hair cut, much to mommy's dismay as I always wanted to have my little girls to have long beautiful hair. But Norah just hates when I touch it, or even come close with a brush! but it suits her so well :)
 Reese laced up her skates for the very first time and did AMAZING! I am soooo proud of her hard work and dedication she never gave up! way to go Reesie mommy loves you so much !:)

Daddy worked a lot but then we got to enjoy him for 10 whole days at the end of December, Christmas came and went - J finished off his last shift on the 28th and we all (including J's Parents) packed into the minivan and jetted off to Edmonton for a mini get-away. Got to enjoy the West Edmonton mall and all its glory & the giant indoor theme park with the girls! although the trip was short and sweet the drive back was not so much fun 20 minuets into the haul back Reese had a little mishap with her stomach not agreeing to settle, and making a mess all over herself, and a van full of people having to endure the smell for the rest of the journey home. Pushing that aside we had a great get away! Coming home to enjoy daddy watching play hockey for the Timberwolves here in Spiritwood! Go Daddy GO!


those were the biggest suckers possible. of course they picked those out for a treat!

This is what I needed for January!

January, like stated above - we wanted to slow down and take in the world and I TOTALLY did so.. so much that I think I got myself into a bit of a rutt! we didn't do ANY-T-H-I-N-G, and we all got sick with the flu, which slowed us down even more- yuck. We stayed put for so long Norah really got the hang of potty training! yay! We had a few gatherings at our humble abode - We hosted my lovely in-laws for a week over new years. It was so nice to have family here, big beautiful suppers with more then just the 4 of us, lots of laughter and noise through out the walls of our home, something that just makes my heart sing.. and along with my early mornings I always had company to sip my coffee with! These times are truly treasured so COME ON PEOPLE, COME VISIT US! Saskatchewan really is a beautiful place! and luckily for them they didn't have to enjoy our below 50 temperatures! Thanks for coming guys.. it truly is a blessing to have family travel this far just for us!Papa's Girl! Treasured moments for sure <3

Christmas/New Years dinner :)
Happy New Year Everyone :)!!
We also celebrated Daddio's birthday while Nana and Papa were here, and then again with our Spiritwood family - sorry not many pictures as I was running around, as I do, when Im in hostess with the mostess mode! We truly have been blessed with a great group of people who love us very much and strive to make us as comfortable as here as can be!

 And just like that,all of a sudden, hello February you came so fast? look at that! January my most loathed, detested, gloomy month is GONE! Onto LOVE month. So far so good!

We have sadly had to say goodbye to our Keeonah.. with little to no success of trying to keep her in our yard.. the town rules - she's got to go. breaking it to each girl was very different.. because Norah isn't quite realizing what is happening she just played along to Reese's emotions which were more then dramatic, after about 3 days of asking for Keeonah and running to her room to sob on her bed, countless times of explain to her that its just in Keeonahs nature to run and she wasn't happy here, she finally came around to letting her go. We still have our lazy pup Phoenix who is as happy as can be to just lay in the sun on the patio. Keeonah is off to a Farm about an hour away where she will have endless amounts of acres to run and be free and a nice loving family to come home to at night.
Saying goodbye to her will be harder then I think as she is our piece of home.. but its just not right to have her penned in our yard and not have enough time for her with raising a young family. she has brought much joy (along with some not so much joy) to our family and kept us on our toes! we will miss the cuddles she so gladly offered to us each night. We know it is within her best intrest to have a farm and a young couple that can dedicate more hours then we could have possibly imagined.
We love you Keeonah with all of our hearts and will miss you fur baby. xoxo

Well thats a wrap to our family up until now! and I promise WEEKLY UPDATES :)
The Finlays


  1. awesome post! Please keep writing you are so creative and I love reading about the family we miss so much! Love you guys

  2. Awesome job Kate.I just love reading about you and the kids.I almost cried looking at the christmas pics of the girls.They are so grown up and it makes me realize how much I miss the Finlays!!!!!Keep writing:)