Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outdoor Madness!

Well its been a fantastic couple of weeks.. I have started writing this post..probably about 3 times! But we have been so busy doing fun things that I never got a minuet to finish one post, then something else would come up!!
So The night I said "Ill write each week, I promise!" well... I TRIED! here we are two weeks later already, my oh my time flies when your having fun! or so tired that you collapse on your bed each night praying daylight stays away just a wee bit longer..but alas HERE I AM, and im FINISHING THIS POST! TONIGHT!!!

The night I left off with you last I hurried along and tided up my house to get ready for another Monday when I got a phone call from my husband asking me to fix him a snack.. you know the usual call I get on most night shifts, anywhere between 9-11pm (but the amazing wife I am.. there is always a snack waiting for him on the counter whether or not I am sleeping or awake) He continued to ask me how I was, how my night was.. how the girls went to bed.. then "Oh yah.. I rolled my truck tonight.." .. pause.. deep breath on my end of the line.." YOU WHAT??..How on on this green earth do you FORGET to mention that??" Well Im fine, truck's not.. but Im fine..
Getting those phone calls reminds me of how blessed I am to have a healthy husband that comes home every shift change whether or not its on time or not... he's home..
Last week was quiet as we were all getting over the cold that has been vamping through our tiny little town knocking us all down hard and fast.. we had alot of movie days that turned into movie nights.. with the end of the week feeling better.. we dug into the finger paints, and made some homemade Bird feeders.. and decorated for valentines day :)

They really are the best of friends.. melts my heart when I catch them cuddled together.

 Bird Seed. Peanut Butter. Toilet Paper Rolls and LET THEM GO :) This was a huge hit.. time friendly.. a little messy... but what isn't messy with 2 and 4 year olds!
 Spread the PB - and Roll in bird seed :)

You can never go wrong with cutting up dollar store sponges.. giving a pile of paint and paper to toddlers and let their imagination do the rest :)
After each time she put her hands in the paint.. "I dirty mom!"

 Last week was great :) Took it Easy, and got Crafty :)

Another great thing that happened this week is that my mom booked tickets to come see is in April!! Pretty stoked to see my mommy again :) 6 weeks and counting!!

So This week is "Family Day" in Saskatchewan.. something we do not do..BUT SHOULD, in New Brunswick.. so because Daddy has to work on the holiday we thought we would take Family Day and turn it into Family WEEKEND! Justin had from Thursday-Sunday off and we made every second of it count, its rare we get to see him for that long! Thursday we got up bright and early and headed into the City for a day of fun! We headed straight to the Shaw Center for some swim time! and of course my little water bugs lovvvved this idea! I don't have any pictures because I locked my camera in the darn lockers before realizing it and we only had one token :( BOO! But I can assure you the girls had a blast, and for a decent price we will be back visiting again soon! We then headed to Fuddruckers for supper! BEST BURGER EVVVVVVER!!!!!! Im not a Burger person, but this burger was like to.die.for :)

The girls were pretty beat after a few hours in a pool and eating the biggest and best-est hotdogs ever! (they aren't hamburger kids) So we hit the road for the 2 hour drive home.. Oh wait...wait wait wait.. No.. We went to Canadian Tire where my husband walked away in search for new windshield wipers LOCKED the door and went inside.. when I went to open my door to put stuff in the trunk (not thinking) not only did the Horn start going off uncontrollably and me not being able to shut it off.. but I had to sit in the front seat trying not to make eye contact with people who were walking by stareing at me like I was some sort of crazy person! 20 minuets later... he returned! "Who locks the car when we are all still in it !!!" he laughed... a lot.

Friday we had a family day at home.. made crafts, cleaned garages, cleaned basements.. you know regular family day stuff! Saturday I hosted my first ever "home party" where all of 4 people showed up.. BUT we had fun, chatted, drank coffee and ate delicious dips! I don't LOVE parties but I do love this stuff and am on the fence of becoming a Consultant <-- Check it out!
Saturday night we headed over to our lovely neighbors.. ate supper, played cards and let our children run wild until 11pm.. we always hope they will crash and they never do.. when we realized that they were a little TOO quiet we realized the two older ones had opened the freezer, pulled out a box of popsicles and we don't know exactly what happened but between two 4 year olds, one 3 year old and two 2 year olds 18 popsicles were missing.... Yup - Time to go HOME!

 10:30am this morning we geared up with our neighbors again (we love them! lol) headed to Chitek Lake for a day of Ice fishing, sliding and fun outside in the beautiful temperatures!
 Drilling holes for the shack! although it was so beautiful out we spent most of our time outside soaking up some sun rays!
 The girls so eager to get in and fish.. although that wore off pretty quick..
 Reesie Girl fishing.. with no luck :( But she tried!
 After the girls were getting a bit ansy we decided to haul out the GT's and take them for a spin!! Down a pretty decent hill
 As you can see.. poor Norah had a bit of a crash!

 WE CAUGHT A FISH! :) Girls were pretty excited at the catch for the day!
 Guess we'll be cooking Fish for lunch tomorrow :)
 Reese and the Fish!
The boys are pretty proud of their catch!

We are enjoying our winter here in SK... not nearly as bad as we thought ;)
Catch ya next week!!


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